Eclipse Phase & Posthuman Studios 2024

Fresh from our recent Character Options BackerKit, here's a group of updates about what's going on in 2024!

Fulfilling Character Options

Backers have received the Character Options digital version and a corrected update is on the way. That corrected update is what will be printed, and we aim to have the book at the printer by mid-January.

Eclipse Phase Character Options

We will open BackerKit for order fulfillment and pre-orders after the books ship from printer to us. We anticipate this to be in March 2024.

Beyond Character Options

We'll have a couple small titles coming out in the next few months, and then we'll be dealing with all the logistics of fulfilling Character Options and the Morph Recognition Deck.

After that there's the NPC File 2 book to look forward to, along with Your Whispering Muse, the "Space Combat" book we've been working on via Patreon, and a revamp to the very first Eclipse Phase adventure: Mind the WMD, from the first edition Quick-Start Rules.

NPC File 2 Preview

Patreon Highlights

  • Monthly Projects: Our Patreon delivers community-voted projects, later integrated into various formats.
  • Early Content: Patreon supporters receive playtest drafts and more, with exciting plans for 2024.
  • Current Project: December's focus is on revising Mind the WMD.

Posthuman Studios and Communications

In today's changing social media landscape, we're focusing on direct communication channels:

  1. This website,
  2. Our mailing list, which you can subscribe to at
  3. Our Discord server:

We value your engagement and presence! Stay connected for the latest updates and discussions.

Thanks for Your Support!

The tabletop game business remains challenging, and our best way forward is keeping a close relationship with our fans. Beyond the above, we have some great stuff planned for later this year and we look forward to bringing it to you!