Welcome to the new EclipsePhase.com + EP2 1.3 errata update + more!

We're happy to finally unveil our new website, with a bunch of updates and a modern design. Getting this live is an important first step to our 2022 roadmap! Our Eclipse Phase FAQ has been updated, and so has our giant list of Eclipse Phase resources.

Eclipse Phase Second Edition 1.3 errata update

As we worked on both the Condensed Player's Guide and the upcoming Morph Recognition Guide for Second Edition we also worked on compiling and integrating the latest version of errata for Eclipse Phase Second Edition (EP2).

That process is complete, and if you have purchased EP2 or the Condensed Player's Guide on DriveThruRPG or Posthuman.Shop the updated files for those titles have been sent to you! We've also updated the Eclipse Phase Second Edition Character Pack and Eclipse Phase Second Edition Quick-Start Rules as part of this batch of updates.

If you want to obsess over the specific updates, you can also download the errata PDF — as usual, it includes rules-impacting updates, but doesn't list typos or other minor corrections.

Nano Drop: Firewall Scratch Space Random Inventory

Our first Nano Drop extends the Firewall Scratch Space Random Inventory table originally from Firewall, adding and updating it to bring it to an even 100 entries!

Nano Drop: Firewall Scratch Space Random Inventory

Condensed Player's Guide

The Condensed Player's Guide is printed and pre-orders have shipped. This 112-page version of Eclipse Phase Second Edition slices the game down to core rules, character creation, and the most necessary things needed to play. It's designed to be the "second (third, fourth...) copy" at the table to speed up gameplay. It's available in print and PDF from Posthuman.Shop and PDF from DriveThruRPG.

Condensed Player's Guide

On the Horizon

Released to our patrons a few month ago, Nano Op: Binge will be available to the public in March.

We're deep into the Eclipse Phase Second Edition Lifepath Rules, bringing random lifepath character creation to EP2!

EP2 Lifepath Preview

After that will come Morph Recognition Guide, Revised (Title TBD) which presents the complete collection of morphs for EP2, introduces some new ones and tweaks some old ones, adds new morph-related traits, and more!

Keep in Touch!

We're active in our growing and friendly Discord, and all over social media. If you're into less-frequent communications, our mailing list brings you Posthuman Studios & Eclipse Phase news, promotions, and game-specific articles a couple times a month.

Eclipse Phase Second Edition Condensed Player’s Guide

We're happy to make available the Eclipse Phase Second Edition Condensed Player's Guide (EP2CPG for short ... ish) is now up for print pre-order and the PDF is on sale — pre-order the print version and you'll get a complementary PDF. This book is a 112-page softcover, full-color. Like usual, the PDF version is massively  cross-referenced and hyperlinked, and it's available on our store and on DriveThruRPG.

EP2 Condensed Player's Guide

We designed Condensed Player's Guide to be something that multiple people will have at the table, and so the print version has bulk discounts that will kick in — $10 off for every three copies you pre-order!

Over the past couple 18 months we've done a few print pre-orders and they've all gone very smoothly — we anticipate that this one will be the best yet!

That said, there are variables still in play. We'll be printing Condensed Player's Guide at one of two USA-based printers that we have ongoing relationships with, but the time of year + the state of the world (there are huge supply chain issues worldwide, including paper shortages) we don't yet know when the pre-orders will ship. We intend to get the files to the printer the first week of November, but it's possible that books will not ship out until after the holiday season.

The quantity of pre-orders will guide us in our print run size: the more pre-orders, the more copies we'll be printing and the more widely they'll be available in stores next year. With the supply chain issues and paper shortages likely to continue until at least mid-2022, we need to put ink to paper now, economically — please help support us. You'll get some great books and there will be some for your future gaming friends can get them too!

Other Merch

Eclipse Phase Hoodie

The renovations of our little shipping office are nearly complete and that means a bunch of merchandise is back available for sale! Surya Pins, Octomorph Pins, t-shirts, and hoodies to keep you warm this winter! The t-shirts and hoodies are pre-washed (and bagged) for extra coziness and less puppy fur. Treat your bio-bod!

Limited Edition Octomorph Pin

Eclipse Phase first edition Rules ePub

The complete first edition rules for Eclipse Phase are now available in ePub format for ebook readers like Apple's Books, Bluefire Reader, etc. Also included is a mobi file that can be used on a Kindle or with Kindle software.

You can grab just the rules for $11.99 and add the free Time of Eclipse setting download for a complete version of the game, and also available is an ePub + PDF bundle if you want both formats!

Eclipse Phase first edition Rules ePub

Announcing Morph Recognition Guide Second Edition

Seven years ago today, we released Morph Recognition Guide for Eclipse Phase first edition! To celebrate that, we've made the PDF version available for only $1.99 until the end of July!

It hasn't been a secret that due to fan demand we've been working on a Second Edition Update to Morph Recognition Guide — our patrons have access to the playtest manuscript already and we're in the layout/art stages of the book. We're taking playtest comments on this version until July 26th!

MRG2 will be 88 or 96 pages, filled with morphs that didn't appear in Eclipse Phase Second Edition — and those that did! In addition, it offers some new artwork, new categorizations of morphs, new ware and traits, limited-edition morphs, and rules for designing your own!

MRG2 will be available in both print and PDF and Creative Commons-licensed, like all Eclipse Phase titles. We expect to release MRG2 by October.

Octomorph Enamel Pins on Sale!

We started with the Surya, and now the popular Octomorph has been made into an enamel pin!

The Hidden Concern assassin is available in a limited edition glow-in-the-dark edition, and an unlimited blue casting.

We know it's not always a good thing when the Hidden Concern shows up ... but it is if you're the one that invited them in!