Over on our Patreon we do a monthly project, voted on by supporters at the Promethean and TITAN levels. In June that project was "A User's Guide to Forks and Group Minds" and it updated and added to material previously published in Transhuman—quickly becoming a 14-page sourcebook that is now available to everyone!

Multiplicity and Synthesis

Multiplicity and Synthesis dives deep into the technological and social implications of both forking—the practice of copying your mind—and group minds composed of multiple egos. This supplement is essential for thinking about character concepts who aren't limited to a single mind. It includes optional merging rules, new mental ware, a new async sub-strain (the Swarm), and new sleights.

Multiplicity and Synthesis cover

Multiplicity and Synthesis is a 14-page Eclipse Phase sourcebook with 3 pages of *Eclipse Phase Second Edition* rules + GM-specific advice. It's available via DriveThruRPG and Posthuman.Shop

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All of the Monthly Projects on our Patreon are intended for public consumption at some point in the future, and your support helps guide the future of Eclipse Phase—plus you'll get some great benefits along the way!