Gatecrashing Preview and PDF Release!

We have another preview for Gatecrashing today -- this one includes the writeup on the exoplanet colony Sky Ark. This colony's focus is on providing a refuge for and repopulating the wildlife on Earth -- and also bringing extinct species back to life. It features a fantastic piece from Tom Garden of, hell yes, a synthmorph riding a dinosaur.

Download the preview here.

Even more exciting then the preview, however -- the Gatecrashing PDF is now available for sale on DriveThruRPG, just in time for the holidays! This is a PDF of the full book (clocking in at 200 pages), and like all of our PDFs, it is layered (for easy printing), bookmarked, and hyperlinked.

The Gatecrashing Hack Pack is also available, which includes the full PDF, roughly half the art from the book (20 pieces, 150DPI), an Omnigraffle file of the Wormhole Link Map, and a CC BY-SA licensed version of the Lorentzian Wormhole Diagram!

Gatecrashing Cover

We haven't announced a street release date for Gatecrashing just yet, but we expect to do so soon after the holidays.

If it's been awhile since you've caught up with our electronic releases for Eclipse Phase, you can also check out Continuity and Bump in the Night!

Ishindri Ishindri's picture
Re: Gatecrashing Preview and PDF Release!

Bought! Really excited to sit down and work though it.

AJCarrington AJCarrington's picture
Re: Gatecrashing Preview and PDF Release!

Purchased last evening...some great reading material for the holidays!!

Thampsan Thampsan's picture
Re: Gatecrashing Preview and PDF Release!

Bought it on the day it was released, finished it soon after. Wanted to praise everyone involved with Gatecrashing for producing such an amazing book!

For those who haven't bought it yet, or who are perhaps a bit dubious about purchasing a PDF copy, this book is incredibly well written, contains new morphs (organic, synth AND pods), new equipment and implants, new traits (positive and negative) and just as importantly - gives you an intimate run down of gate operations, locations, numerous exo-planet write ups and a guide on writing up your own exo-planets.

What is more, each exo-planet has an interesting and novel write up that is done in the form of communiqués, conversations, news stories, after-reports, data-dumps, and so on. This turns what could have been a book with slabs of text to wade through into an engaging, clever and gripping read. Almost like a collection of short stories surrounded by informative text to explain mechanics and plot-hook ideas.

My one gripe is that perhaps a primer in the design your own exoplanet section could have included a few usual astronomical tools, a little bit more of astrophysics 101 about how axial tilt, affects seasons, the different traits of material resources and their affects on planetary temperatures, etc would have been handy. But this isn't meant to be a textbook and so the gripe is not major.

Can't wait for the hard-copy of this book to come out.

RFrazee RFrazee's picture
Re: Gatecrashing Preview and PDF Release!

I also picked this up on Wednesday, ready through it Thursday and dashed off a quick review of the work as well (it posted out on the Internet on Christmas Day). Again, great praise for the work; another great supplement. I did have an issue with a couple of the images in the artwork not wanting to display, but that's very minor.

Keep it come! Hope to see some info on the Outer System next.