Book Reccomendation: Perilous Waif

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Book Reccomendation: Perilous Waif

I'm just... Wow. Just Wow.

It reads like Eclipse Phase met Star Wars by way of a Firefly-type campaign, without any exsurgent virus or Factors, and spun forward four hundred years or so.

The only problem is there's only a bit over 500 pages, and it just came up 1 February, so once you hit the end, you're gonna be left jonesing.

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I got the book this weekend,

I got the book this weekend, and I'm about 25% of it. I confess being jaded enough I've seen all of the plot twists (that Mirai mention in the bar meeting... talk about chekhov's "gun"), but it certainly seems like a good and educational lecture for EP players (ang GMs alike), and by virtue of being targeted at a young adult audience, the style is light enough even the more mundane parts (like the first pages until she gets onboard the spaceship, which serves the same purpose as all the pages between Frodo's receiving the Ring and his arrival at Bree in the Lord of the Rings book) are not a chore.

Ended the book, spoilers might be ahed. I can safely say, however, you can read the Appendixes when you reach about page 150 or (after the bar when they meet some mercs)

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Finished the book (about 27 pags or so at the end are appendixes explaining things like how "hyperspace" and "subspace" work, and might be an interesting lecture to take on once you reach page 150 or so), and yeah, predictable "hero's journey" + "Lost XXX" + "Old tech is better than the new one" (justified, I think, and it's not older than 2 decades), and the protagonist is a little too much on the Mary Sue side, a little higher than Honor Harrington and using mostly the same way to apply pressure (she is not really in danger, but external constraints prevent her from wiggling a finger and win effortlessly... even so, she curbstomps a little too much by the end of the book).

The worst part is that the author is not all that interested into continuing the series, writing as he feels like (and mixing several collections he is writing), and that the protagonist is more or less at Goku's levels of insanity when Buu came around (with the added bonus of having the whole EP book collection of stuff in blueprints, tons of custom models, almost limitless beta forking and mental multitasking, and several books worth of al kind of miltech, including warbots).

So I would read this knowing that "trilogy" might be extending the word by at least one book (and the second is unlinkely to be as lenghtly).

I'd want to add the Cassandra Kresnov "trilogy" (6 books in truth, check at TVTropes on ) to the list of interesting reads for future-based literature. Centered around a top-of-the-line artificial "human" after a war between "the federation" and the "corporate shiny tech toys", it gives tons of useful ideas, material, and inspiration for EP background, while giving homage to Shirow's Stand Alone Complex (a whole book is devoted to their own "white whale", called Narrative Syndrome, to the plot of the 2nd season... while the Laughing Man metaplot of the first season gets homage'd as more or less the whole collection's metaplot).