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I'm hoping you guys get the

I'm hoping you guys get the gear section ready soon. I'm finding the lack of gear rules affects my character builds. I can't finish them.

There is no gear stuff later in the book for step 3 interests. For instance, if I pick Jammer as my character's interest, I don't have any gear to go with it.

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Some comments on the traits.

Some comments on the traits.

Both the Fury and Ghost shouldn't have Enhanced Behavior traits. Those traits are ego only.

Psi Camouflage - Instead of saying the morph trait is only available to biomorphs, maybe say that it only works with biomorphs. It can be taken as an ego trait, so there is a chance that the person might be resleeved in a synthmorph. Better yet, say it only works with an organic brain. Biomorphs can have cyberbrains, and synthmorphs can have brain boxes.

Psi Defense - See above. Make it work for organic brains only.

Hypersensitivity - How does this work on morph variants? Do mods taken during character creation count as after market addons?

Neural Damage - Repetitive Behavior - The first sentence is repeated. It might be funny having it stated twice, but isn't always helpful. Also edit the third sentence to make it more clear. "You need to make a COG check to avoid doing repetitive actions while under pressure.".

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DivineWrath wrote:I've been

DivineWrath wrote:
I've been playing around with flexbots. The problem with them is that you need many flexbots to do the whole combining business. This gets expensive quickly, but by using negative traits, you can reduce them to 1 CP.

As for buying gear, CP has considerably less buying power. You also have less of it to spend on gear. This has made it difficult to design characters that have the skills to fill multiple roles. For instance, a character might be a good techie person, but also has maxed out infosec skills (80). Getting exploit software will take up a good 1/5th of your given CP. In EP 1st edition, it would cost you 1/20th of your possible wealth, and you had much more CP that you weren't allowed to spend on wealth.

If you have any Negative Morph Traits, you cannot also buy multiple Morphs. I agree that this should be re-examined for Flexbots, but with the newer modules only costing 2 MP (Fighter excepted), you could set up a Crafter, a Rogue, and a Wizard together for 6 MP.

Hmmmm. The "2 Minor or 1 Moderate ware" , is that per Morph or per Module?

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Woops. I may have read the

Woops. I may have read the rules wrong. I thought you buy morphs with cp, like you did in EP 1st. I'm going to have to reexamine my character builds.

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Some more feedback.

Some more feedback.

My flexbot character didn't suffer much. The switch to MP, bonus MP from resources, and inability to take negative morph traits allowed my character to take the same morphs. However, I had a short story that no longer works. It was about of how they got their fighter module for cheap because it had the Proprietary Tech trait from a hypercorp that went out of business.

This character did get a significant boost to CP, so I'm back to shopping.

Another character of mine wound up getting an unplanned boost to MP. I'm not really sure what to spend it on yet. I might remove the negative traits.

I'm still debating whether or not if no negative traits if you have multiple morphs is a good thing or bad. For my flexbot character, I was only using negative traits to reduce the costs to 1 MP. I wasn't making 'throw away' morph where I fill one morph with negative traits that I end up not using. I was sincere about wanting to use all the morphs I selected.

Another question. What effect would negative traits would have on a flexbot? Proprietary Tech probably only effects the one module. What about traits that raise or reduce aptitude tests? What about Dominant Limb or Memory Artifact? Would they have an effect if a character was sleeving the flexbot from a different module?

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Consider the case where I,

Consider the case where I, with no special resources at all, decided that I wanted to take the following morphs:

  • An Exalt with an addition to alcohol ( 2 MP - 1 MP)
  • A pleasure Pod with Planned Obsolesence ( 4 MP - 3 MP )
  • A Bouncer with Poor Instinct ( 4 MP - 3 MP )
  • An Arachnoid with Proprietary Tech and Indifference ( 6 MP - 2 MP - 3 MP )
  • A Neo-Gorilla with Dominant Limb and PSI Vulnerability ( 3 MP - 1 MP -1 MP)
  • An Ikon digimorph with Memory Artifact (2 MP -1 MP)

If this guy has Resources 0 and no particular Rep, what is he doing with six different "1 MP" Morphs?

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You can't do that. No more

You can't do that. No more that 6 MP can be gained by negative traits. Your total is 15 MP, 9 points too much.

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Yeah, might be useful to note

Yeah, might be useful to note that the 6MP is per player-character, not per morph…

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I'd intended that as an

I'd intended that as an Argument from Absurdity as to why you can't take negative traits and also have multiple morphs.

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