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How does one download it. I would like to see how it works compared to obsidian portal. Sorry I am keeping this short as I am new to the whole eclispe phase game. Which I love.

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click "My Account" on the

click "My Account" on the right click the files tab and pick the version that corresponds to your operating system.

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I tried that.

I tried that.

"You do not have any licensed files."

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you need to buy either a

you need to buy either a single license, or group license

as the avatar size restricts legibility I'd like to attribute my sources here
Art by Posthuman Studios
Illustrated by Daniel Clark
Background Courtesy NASA

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how to buy

I can't figure out how to buy it.

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weird the main links have

weird the main links have been pulled

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All store stuff has moved

All store stuff has moved over to the domain -- existing customers should be able to get their files there (same login as, and new copies can be purchased at that site.

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How does the group license

How does the group license work? Also if I buy a single and later want to get a group do I have to pay the full 50 or can I upgrade? Is the group just a number of single licenses I can give out?