There's a lot of nuance to Eclipse Phase, and these articles hone in on some of the finer points.

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Gamemastering Tips on Anarchist Habs by Rob Boyle.
Advice on running scenariors set on anarchist habitats—how they're run, baseline expectations, and unique challenges.

Managing MP and GP in Campaigns by Rob Boyle.
Advice on tweaking Morph and Gear points in non-episodic styles of play.

Managing MP and GP in Campaigns

Infamy Character Stats by Rob Boyle.
Stats for Ukku, the creepy mind tech, his minion Toxxot, and Bixbee, the precocious dragonfly from EP2's opening fiction, Infamy.

EP2 Optional Rules by Rob Boyle.
A collection of optional rules that we cut from EP2, but that might fit in your campaign.

Religion and Nations in EP by Rob Boyle.
Notes on why we saw the power of religion and nation-states diminished in the setting.