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Spaceship/Colony/Dome/Habitat Floorplans

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Spaceship/Colony/Dome/Habitat Floorplans
I've found a few sites out there with some floor plans from Traveller, etc... Just thought this would be a great place for everyone to share their favorite floor plan graphics and sites. I'm not so worried about starship combat and such... but I know a lot of my players adventures are going to take place in tight hallways and corridors... and I'd love a good set of floor plans to draw upon. William
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To start with a few...
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if you scroll a little ways
if you scroll a little ways down the hb section you can find a morph brokerage i made
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The only issue here is that
The only issue here is that in reality, space ships are 99% fuel storage. I know that;s boring and not normally worthy of a deck plan, but it's a *huge* caveat. (Unfortunately, most sci-fi movies/games play it the opposite way: 1% of the ship is fuel storage. Good luck escaping a gravity well with that!)
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I think in EP this is
I think in EP this is somewhat less of an issue, as most Morphs can easily move in vacuum and fighting your way along the truss section of a ship can be an interesting scene in a interesting environment. A comparison that comes to my mind is a dungeon and a little farmhouse with fields around it as you would find in any fantasy game. While the dungeon has lots of rooms and trapdoors and such things the farmhouse has only a few rooms but the open spaces make it interesting for infiltrtion, combat and other things. A spaceship might just have a few rooms in the habitat section, but there might be dozends or hundrds of cargo containers, delicate com equipment, glowing several 1000K hot radiators you don't want to crash into, even hotter coolant in pipes you don't want to rupture, a tiny but unrelenting "gravity" along the spine during acceleration, making injured people or grenades fall down ever so slowly, gigantic tanks full of compressed or -even scarier- highly explosive metallic hydrogen. While al big percentage of the ship's mass and volume might be propellant, there is still a lot of interesting "surface area".
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Hi, Doesnt mean that a simple
Hi, Doesnt mean that a simple floor plan cant be used with "other" containment vessels attached on the side, etc... Sure its a cop out, but we get to use some really cool plans... :) With mine: I use Lightning rail trains from eberron as maglev trains and other vessels on Mars.. http://community.wizards.com/content/forum-topic/3732226
Regards, Jason Brisbane
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Ships in EP don't usually
Ships in EP don't usually need to escape a deep gravity well, though. You won't ever find one lifting off from Earth or Mars, just moving from orbit around one planet to orbit around another. So they won't need quite as high of a fuel to mass ratio as today's space shuttles.
You, too, were made by humans. The methods used were just cruder, imprecise. I guess that explains a lot.
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It really depends on what
It really depends on what your ship is doing. If it's only job is to move a small crew from low Mars orbit to high Mars orbit and back again, yeah, your fuel requirements will be pretty minor. However, if you're planning on breaking orbit, flying to Jupiter, then slowing down to enter orbit, your fuel requirements will be pretty substantial. Jason is right though--this doesn't mean you have to scrap the floor plans available. Just understand you'll want to tweak them. The Millenium Falcon is possibly the capsule on the tip of a hundred-yard rocket.
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Or perhaps the connecting
Or perhaps the connecting node between radiators and the rocket, if you use part of your fuel as shielding or at the tip of the radiators far away from the reactor if you need to worry about those things. (Never forget the radiators! They look cool and keep your engine from exploding.)