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Why do Morphs cost Refresh?

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Why do Morphs cost Refresh?
Other than Durability ratings and the narrative impact of an Aspect, Morphs provide very little intrinsic value in Tra shumanity's Fate. Their cost is already paid by Rep rolls made to acquire them, and their benefits are largely described with Morph Aspects... which also have to be bought up with Refresh. Am I missing something here? It seems like it makes more sense to do some sort of ruling where Morphs should just be an Aspect like any other (obviously within in-game sense and likely purchased with rolls or roleplay), the benefits and the meta cost of those benefits are already handled by Morph Stunts, and Durability could likely just be ruled as "use Somatics for biomorphs and pods, use a flat 3 or 4 stress boxes for synths." Adding on to this that the Refresh costs seem incredibly arbitrary: a Bouncer costs more than a Menton despite being both much more common in-universe and barely offering more mechanically, while regular Octomorphs cost more than a nearly-identical Novacrab and put on the same level as a Reaper.
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The refresh cost for most
The refresh cost for most morphs is 0. Ones with extra durability cost +1. Those with lots of useful traits cost +1. Yes, it's a bit arbitrary; there wasn't a precise formula. The suggested Stunts are an important guideline for the GM when setting difficulties (if any) for acquiring them and/or allowing them at creation. If a stunt is on the list for a morph, no justification is needed. Anyway, yeah, you can just run morphs as an aspect if you find that simpler. It's so central to EP that we wanted to put a bit more guidance around it, but if you find it limiting, ditch it.
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Thanks for the reply! I'm
Thanks for the reply! I'm probably just gonna use Morphs as another Aspect with Morph Stunts available within reason. Thanks for your approval on doing so!