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Profile ID: Fathom Name: Sepiida Age: Current Mesh ID is 4 years old Faction: Infolife Mercurial Public Bio: Sepiida's earliest Mesh activity seems to be a mesh search for a blank muse. Afterwards, they sent out a number of postings around Saturn seeking work as a freighter or passenger craft with his ship "Kanaloa". Seems to have active Anti-PC beliefs, but is extremely unsocial. Registered residence leads to a server at the DIY shipyards with enough reserved space for Sepiida and their Muse.
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Name: Reiko Kozakura
Name: Reiko Kozakura Faction: Hyperelite Morph: Sylph Bio: Reiko is a scion of the Kozakura family, the owner of a powerful Japanese zaibatsu with origins from post-Meiji Japan. During the Fall, in-between corporate backstabbing and TITANs, the Kozakuras made the mistake of trying to help as many of its employees and their family off-world as they could. While tens of thousands of lives were saved due to their efforts, the family was crippled financially as a result. In desperation, the head of the family, Reiko's father, saw the Consortium as the only means of ensuring the survival of their family. Reiko was only nine years old during the Fall, but vividly remembers it. As a result, it has turned her into an outspoken supporter of infogees and the reclamation of Earth...two things the Consortium are blatantly against. This has also caused friction with the rest of her family, especially her father, who must balance his relations with the Consortium with his own internal affairs. This includes using indentures in the new hypercorp the Kozakuras had set up. Reiko has considered re-locating to Venus more than once, where her political views are much more common. Yet being raised with the idea that family is the most important than the individual---a very Japanese value---has prevented her from abandoning her family. The outer system holds no appeal for her either; she understands that many out there would distrust her based on her hyperelite connections alone, and she in turn distrusts anarchists. The Titanian Commonwealth holds some appeal, but she understands that going there would completely alienate her from the Consortium, which includes her family. Through her slowly increasing web of connections, contacts and potential allies, Reiko eventually became aware of Firewall entirely on her own and entirely by accident. Finding appeal in the organization's goals, she has since aligned herself with it, not quite aware that it might just pull her away from her family completely.
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My player party!
My current campaign has five players. Let's take a look, shall we? [b]Hunter Capó[/b] Background: Fall Evacuee Faction: Jovian Current Morph: Flat (and proud) +Revenge, +Personal Happiness, +Justice Hunter is a child of South American revolutionaries, who unfortunately escaped without them when they vanished during the Fall. He was raised by his grandmother in the Jovian Republic alongside his sister Ruby… for a few years, until a serial killer took their lives. Once it was obvious that the killer was from outside the Republic, he completed his military duty and earned a visa, so he could explore the system. He currently works as an old-fashioned private investigator for C-Rep. Hunter is a well-balanced adventurer with a wide spread of skills and a shocking amount of Moxie. He never goes anywhere without his trench coat, fedora, ace custom autoloader 1911 and his Chocolate Laborador, Hoho. [b]Gloria Finkelday[/b] Background: Hyperelite Faction: Socialite Current Morph: Exalt, with several internal mods +AGI Rights, +Performance Art, -Police Brutality Having been born into a fairly secure family on Mars, Gloria found her niche in setting up ARGs for Exotech's advertising campaigns. Gloria has made a name for herself across the Inner system as both a creative artist and a trollish nuisance in equal measure. She's quickly come to regret her shenanigans ever since a lost Beta fork of hers, who has re-named herself Megara, has showed up with the Triads after her ego and Barsoomian allegiance in her past. Gloria's player has instead elected to control Megara for the time being, feeling more comfortable with a change of character and their radically different skill set. Gloria herself is split between programming abilities and social-fu, and carries an only technically legal gardening tool as a weapon. [b]Henry Steward[/b] Background: Drifter Faction: Criminal Morph: Sylph, stock model +Fame, -Ego Trafficking, +True Love Henry doesn't give much information about himself. He claims his earliest memories were of a distant exoplanet, and has an unusual sense of chivalry given his profession. The drifter found fortune in his family/pirate band The Infamous 6, a gathering of strangers from across the system hell-bent on screwing over the Planetary Consortium in one way or another. Henry is the heavy hitter of his group. Despite his morph's frail appearance, he has training with a wide variety of projectile weapons, and prefers sniping with his artisan-crafted compound bow. It's not clear what gives him his edge, but he's awfully intuitive. [b]Cori Mocci[/b] Background: Re-Instantiated Faction: Hypercorp Morph: Pleasure Pod, pre-owned +Serving Others, +Infugee Rights, -Bioconservatism An indentured servant of the pre-Fall megacorporation Square-Enix-Goya (now an Experia subsidy), Cori was one of a bloated underclass who had sold her morph and her rights for reasons she cannot remember. She was a theme park mascot when the Fall dropped on her, and managed to egocast just hours before the park was destroyed. She is currently a popular Martian Gatecrasher's estate security/trophy, and was sent out by her owner on a mission… THIS is the dedicated Savvy skill monkey of the team. And she has a Moxie score of 10. And is not as helpless as she acts. Watch this Pod Person. [b]Dracosilv[/b] Background: Infolife Faction: Argonaut Morph: Lung (Custom Slitheroid variant/Takko precursor) +Transhuman Rights, +Reclamation, +Forking Rights Two years before Fall, a lonely programmer created an AGI to be his friend. The AGI escaped the carnage; the programmer did not. Created with a sense of justice and an artistic bent, they lived up to their Chinese dragon avatar's reputation (and their creator's dreams), now currently breathing life into synthetic morphs for a living. When one of their older prototypes was stolen (most certainly not by The Infamous 6…), the dragon left their Nova York apartment to set things right. This an almost stereotypical AGI character. Focused on programming and crafting, and an efficient combatant- enough that he prefers non-lethal solutions, because he can actually pull them off. Has a very strange Muse.
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I MIGHT be a bit of an SCP fan...
Sentinel file - SHAVI Origin: Somatek Weir-Daniels research installation, HEO D.o.B: ███-█-████ (approx ██ BF) Known Affiliation Groups: Hypercorp, Belter, Ringer Sentinel Shavi (Somatek serial number CJ-███-███-█-███)is a spacer, currently active as part of a long-haul/salvage operation, indentured (indenture remaining < 3 mo.) to Sten-Wu Long LLC, most recently active on the outside edge of the main Belt and heading toward Saturn. A bonobo uplift, Shavi appears to have been one of the few success stories of one of Somatek’s uplift cognitive-boost, and otherwise lackluster in this case, projects. Due to the Weir-Daniels habitat’s destruction in the Fall full records have yet to be acquired, but it is clear that her upbringing involved high-level interpersonal and technical training. Shavi came to our attention roughly a year after her corspse was found by Sten-Wu Long, was re-instantiated, and subsequently signed on as an indenture on a year and a half contract, which she renewed at its termination. Shavi was recruited by another sentinel with the company, and she has proven adept at their joint efforts to run one of our darkcasting relays out of the ship they work on. At present, Shavi is sleeved in a refurbished pleasure pod [EroTechnic Wisp ‘35] modified along similar lines to a standard vacuum pod. Morph design appears to be a significant interest to her, based on mesh use profiles, though curiously she seems mostly interested in human-standard morphs rather than neo-hominid designs [interest seems focused on bouncer, hibernoid, ring flyer, and other primarily microgravity-adapted morph lines]. We know she is also interested in the uplift culture creation memes and deep-rim politics and lifestyles [possibly considering a rimward move once her indenture period is up?]. She’s gone on record as not favoring combat (though see activation logs), and initial psychological analysis indicates both a timid streak and possible PTSD [related to Somatek?]. She appears to be largely within standard parameters for bonobo-uplifts, including instinctive deferrence to female authority figures, hypersexuality, and preference for group-work (though possibly abnormal conditioning toward human aesthetic norms, based on morph interest and mesh activity profiles?) [Note: sentinel has also been contacted by and appears interested in the Argonauts.] Logged Activations: █-██-████ - Sentinel activated during stoppover at Calico [torus habitat, ███ asteroid family], tasked with luring target to location for subdual. Sentinel complied under protest [logged per request: she does not appreciate her first assignment so obviously fitting the “bonobo in a sex pod” stereotype.] In subsequent, follow-up operations, sentinel was tasked with installing surveillance and jamming gear to cover up parallel operations on Calico. Performance satisfactory. Note: Sentinel’s mesh access of Mercurial/Uplift interest forums increased by avg. 330% for two weeks following operation. Sentinel has previously remained mostly neutral on the Sapient/Mercurial issue. Possible personal/values conflict? ██-█-████ - Sentinel activated before departure from refueling station █ by local router. Tasked with installing covert relay/████ package on predicted next salvage operation (Wreck of the JR-███ “M████”). Package confirmed operational within expected parameters. █-█-████ - Sentinel activated for sentry/lookout work. Operation passed without incident. ██-██-████ -Sentinel “activated” by eruption of firefight aboard scum barge (barge ID ██-██-██-██-████ [who am I kidding, these things have a thousand IDs and none are worth a damn] “Tiptoe Through Hyperspace”). Additional assets aboard (M████, J██, S███). Confirmed presence of exsurgents. Sentinel aided in evacuation, countermeasures through operation of barge systems. Wounded, extracted by J██. See attached report [REDACTED PENDING REVIEW]
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Contagonist - Proxy: Crow/Eraser, Oxidizer Server
+This is everything I could dig up on Contagonist without overstepping my clearance, and the more I hear about this guy the less comfortable I am in giving it to you. None of this is declassified from Oxidizer; rather, it's from his time working on cases Eldritch Ward, Berserker Void, Iron Wind, Ice Nine, Vapor Dread, and other projects that keep sane people up at night. What scares me about this guy is that he's the type to sleep better than the dead knowing what he knows, having done what he's done. Make no mistake, he's one of the foremost experts on the Exsurgent Virus alive and on Transhumanity's side, but it's the fact that we're still alive and transhuman that makes us overlook what would be considered by any other metric outright warcrimes.+ Evidence points to Contagonist being a Major in the United State's Army's Chemical Corp - a division of the ground pounders dedicated to operating through and counteracting weapons of mass destruction - chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear, and recently, nanotechnological. There's nothing confirmed about his activities in the geopolitical vicious cycle leading up to The Fall, but it's the events during which that put him on the board. USAFRICOM received reports of an unidentified pathogen outbreak in a small town in southern Morocco and dispatched a Chemical Corp task force under Contagonist's command to identify and contain the outbreak. This became one of the first documented encounters with the Exsurgent virus known, and after he isolated field samples in highest quarantine, he ordered the village razed. It was consumed in the blast of a fuel-air bomb minutes after his force dusted off, and surrounding villages were likewise sterilized. He was promoted to Colonel, and his task force, now named Andromeda, is made a semi-permanent fixture through The Fall As The Fall ground into full gear he wielded the bleeding edge of the U.S.'s bioweapon corpus, performing research and coordinating Andromeda forces throughout the globe. Their methodology was simple, merciless, and absolutely necessary - drop into a hotzone, secure a field sample of the outbreak, and leave nothing but thermobaric fire in their vitrified footsteps. They did not discriminate between infected and uninfected - everyone in an arbitrary radius of a hot zone was killed, burned, and stack cracked when possible. When he realized that the chain of command wouldn't last long enough to courtmartial him, he leaked all of his task force's research on the Exsurgent Virus to proto-argonaut scientists and dedicated what he could to continued countermeasure development and outbreak containment. Up until the the United Nations sent the evacuation All-Call. Contagonist got lucky, being one of the major military assets that survived the trip into orbit during the most desperate and chaotic phases of the exodus. He rendezvoused with an Argonaut ship and took the ride to one of their research outposts in the outer system. Not much else comes up after that, other than him flatly refusing recruitment overtures from the Jovian Republic, Direct Action, and anything else sunward the Belt. He joined in on XMODE1 and 2, sat through and approved the founding of Firewall and was one of the major pens behind our Exsurgent containment and research SOP. Contagonist founded Oxidizer server in AF1 with a group of the scarier Crows and smarter Erasers, and most of everything he does from then on out disappears behind Ultraviolet classification. He rotates, as do all Proxies, but he always winds up back there. Which leaves us at what he's doing now. His ideology and clique within firewall is difficult to nail down. While he deems it absolutely necessary to perform extensive, thorough research and accept the risks inherent in Exsurgent virus research on par with Pragmatists, he's as livid at Firewall's use of asyncs as any Conservative. Again, his scorched earth policy pushes him toward the Cons, but the fact that he has an affinity for scorching that earth personally also tilts him towards the Maverick faction. Lexical analysis on scientific publications compared to his original leaked research documents give a 60% chance that either he or an alpha fork of his is a researcher working out of one of the Argonaut labs on Bright.
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Real Name: EVI-B3 Aliases: Evi Eye Alias: Valkyrie Affiliations: Argonauts, Titan Autonomous University Server: [Encrypted] Role: Sentinel Specialty: Assault, Heavy Weapons, Infosec Age in AF10: [Unknown] Primary Location: Earth Orbit, Titan Evi is a military AGI of indeterminate origin, most likely an uplifted tactical defence system, recruited into Firewall after an encounter and subsequent destruction of an exsurgent threat. A skilled combatant and competent engineer, she has served on multiple gatecrashing and infiltration ops. She has often been called upon to reinforce other sentinel teams, utilizing her skill as a shock trooper to great effect. However, Evi is known for having a lack of advanced social skills, which is likely the result of incomplete socialization. Working as a security guard when not on Firewall assignments, Evi has gained contacts who can discreetly supply military hardware. She has recently been hired by Titan Autonomous University as security for potentially dangerous expeditions, and has begun to further her technology studies. Evi is currently embarked on an extrasolar mission on Hex. Addendum: Evi was assigned to the recovery operation going planetside. The target, [Redacted], was known to house highly advanced pre-fall weapons. Upon completion of the primary objective and retrieval of [Encrypted], an antimatter grenade was detonated by the operatives, destroying the site. After the mission, Evi has undergone extensive memory psychosurgery. In order to fully erase dangerous information, all memory from before 7AF has been removed from backup archives. Furthermore, mesh information regarding her activities prior to the mission has been scrubbed. Although an extreme action, this has been voted necessary by the server. The other sentinels on the mission have had memories of the operation altered or removed. Evi remains a valuable asset, and will otherwise continue to operate normally, along with the other sentinels. [DATA RECOVERED] "You sure about this?" "Definitely. Shes damn good at what she does, this lead is definitely worth pursuing." "Plus, there is gonna be all sorts of valuable info down there, besides the objective." "All right, I'll get the team assembled." [2 Weeks Pass] "Perfectly good waste of a shuttle and some minds." "Data was worth it. Nothing on her, though. Shame." "We had to scrub four egos!" "Needs of the many." "..." "The thing I'm most scared about is her." "What?!" "Look at the identification numbers. This wasn't a small program, and they didn't put all their eggs in one basket. There are two more out there." [LOG ENDS]
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Name: Cyril
Name: Cyril Known Alias: /dev/core (Simulspace games) Age: 7 Factions: Argonauts, MIT Cyril was constructed from a partial copy of Dr. Cyril Hastings who was killed by unidentified hostiles during a gatecrashing mission through the Martian gate onto an as yet unexplored planet. While Dr. Hastings had a backup on file it was several months old and would be missing key knowledge related to his recent xeno-archaeology studies. A rescue operation was implemented and Dr. Hasting's cortical stack was retrieved. Upon hearing word that the stack was retrieved Dr. Hasting's backup insurance company dumped the backup on file in preparation for resleeving and backup. It was only until the resleeving failed that anyone realized the stack was severely damaged and only contained a corrupted and nearly destroyed version of Dr. Hastings. Argonaut psychosurgeons quickly started working with what they had knowing that no other backups existed. Numerous forks were created, copied, merged, edited and experimented upon. Eventually, after months of work did the Argonauts give up on trying to created a working ego out of the mess they had on file. One of their number did speak up and mention that they had a near complete emotional state and cognition patterns; The only thing missing was memory. He asked to see if he could create a new ego out of the remains of Dr. Hastings. An AGI. After much debate he was allowed to map what remained onto an artificial cognome and initialize the AGI. Once it had reached maturity and was told its origins the infant intelligence chose to keep his fore-fathers name and called itself Cyril. Cyril quickly became a forerunner in several technical fields (infosec, programming, and applied physics) with a solid interest in xenobiology and Pre-Fall Terran culture. After moving to Markov station to conduct research there he was farcast to Mars and sleeved into his current morph, a Savant, to begin teaching PhD technology students having mastered the field and earned several doctorates in less than 5 years. Cyril soon wished to follow in his forefathers footsteps and revist the planet that claimed his life. He spent a good deal of credits on weapons and upgrades to his Savant to make it at least more survivable during combat. He was loath to give up the morphs boost to cognition and reasoning. Unfortunately Cyril found nothing on the barren wastes on the other side of the gate. No sign of life as far as the eye could see. Dissapointed he returned home, at least if he gets held up on the street he wasn't so fragile anymore.....
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Uhh… hi. Is this thing on?
Uhh… hi. Is this thing on? My name is Jamie Clarke, and I'm rather pleased to meet you all. I can see from the crowd we have gathered here that a lot of you get a lot of use out of new bodies, and a few of us are even rather fascinated with remorphing. I'm thrilled to see what we have been able to apply this technology to do, otherwise it would be a lonely solar system, these days. Anyway, I may have played a small role in developing some of the more exciting bits of the technology; I maintain tenure at the "Martian Institute of Technology", and ten years ago, I was on a slow boat from Boston to Olympus in that capacity. I earned tenure a few years before that, after a postdoc at the famous Media Lab; my thesis was on developing a radical successor to the Alpiner and the then-cutting-edge Ruster. I'm told that Richard Stallman once used the office for a few days; the open source spirit must be contagious, because we started an open source project to invent a novel nonhumanoid optimized for the brutal conditions of early-terraforming Mars. Given the distances involved between anything of importance, we gave it wings; given the populations involved, the 50/500 rule was going to be just as brutal as the climate, so we made them hermaphrodites. I can't say I've had an unqualified success, though one of my undergrads eventually went on to take his experience to Fortean, and the Ripwing shares a lot of inspiration, if not genetic code, with my wyverns; it still has sexes, and is clearly designed to appeal to the avian uplift market in ways that … well, fifteen years ago, there wasn't an avian uplift market. Part of my difficulty has been due to the Fall itself - my initial studio is a couple hundred kilometers into the exclusion zone, and I was forced to leave my second studio and apartment, carved into the side of Olympus Mons with a fusion cutter, when threats of exsurgent zombie attacks forced the evacuation of Olympus. I understand that it's now part of someone's ice-spring spa and research facility, so I can't really begrudge them an unfinished cavern. I did spend a lot of time sleeping under my desk, so the ghost of Stallman may yet haunt me. Currently, I'm back in a basket of blankets under the desk after another setback, but that's what tenure is for, right? I saw some raised eyebrows when I mentioned a slowboat. Anyway, I had schlepped my factory-original ass up to geosynch, and was overseeing a shipment of prototypes, equipment, and data to Mars, some things that couldn't yet be fabricated locally, and was changing into one of said prototypes as we went, chugging utiliTEA like it was going out of fashion, and fielding all of the weird questions you might expect, and getting even more weird looks. If the crew hadn't gotten bored with it three weeks into the flight, I think I would have gotten cabin fever. Last I heard of them, they hooked up with the Get Your Ass To Mars swarm while it was forming, but they deposited me and mine at the settlement sometime after the world ended, and sometime before the recriminations started. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that wasn't why I was invited to this shindig; there's … okay, there aren't that many old academics as there used to be, but even fewer of them are setting up automated guerrilla resleeving operations in the Martian outback. If you need some new meat, I can hook you up. You won't spawn anywhere near civilization, but the automated therapy and training tools… I'm really quite pleased with them, and there's usually a few infugees in queue you'll be training with at any of the dragons' teeth we've planted, and you won't have much trouble reaching civilization from them, because… you know, wings. In spite of my pet project, my biodesign skills are more broad based. If you can find a way to the MIT branch campus, I can install anything you have blueprints for, and probably hack together anything you need in short order. By the way, I'm honored to be invited to meet with you all on this server, to share introductions with this network and sit in on presentations of dossiers and contacts, and … I hope that one day I'll see you all, in person, back on Earth to toast our victory, and start the hard work of reconstruction. Thank you all.
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Dr. Maxwell's research notes
Subject code name: MIRROR Case ID: 001-C Infection status: Watts-McLeod Class 2-Dominant Subject age: Unknown Subject place of birth: Unknown Subject identified gender: Male Residence: Currently Mars. Subject claims to move roughly once a month. Current Morph: Highly customized Exalt. Stated Occupation: Biomorph Researcher, Conspiratorial agent. Important Notes: Subject has total amnesia of all events before fall. Current continuity starts upon awakening in firewall aligned Argonaut research lab three years ago after cortical stack was recovered and rebooted. Subject maintains lifestyle and pays for research projects by performing freelance work on demand for Civic Net, Circle A, and RNA, as well as performing standard open source Argonaut Research. Maintains wide network in all three social networks and high rep scores. Dr. Maxwell's personal notes: Interviewing a fork of myself was a disturbing experience I will not be repeating. I have been forced to come to terms with how poor a handle I have had on my species dysphoria. Never maintain a mindlink with a fork 'for science.' It just feels wrong.
Don't forget to check out my open source biomorph and medtech files!
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Name: [REDACTED] Alias: Sunyata (primarily) Eye Alias: Anatta Affiliations: Unknown Age: Unknown Self-Identified Gender: Vaguely Masculine Public Information: Sunyata is a recently resleeved infugee who was egocast from Earth during the Fall and placed in storage for the following ten years, only to receive a new sleeve beyond the belt, in one of the many anarchist habitations that orbit Sol there.
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[PERSONEL FILE : POTENTIAL ASSET // POSSIBLE HAZARD VECTOR] Name: Tagiĝfridao (Tahg-eej-freeda); often abbreviated to either "Tagiĝ" or "Freeda," depending on perceived gender and how the writer feels about unicode characters Affiliations: Mercurials, Ilmarinen Favored Morph(s): Anuran (morph is inherently sex-variable) Tagiĝ has a long datatrail stretching back to before the Fall; their extended resume is well-kept, and what can still be verified checks out. On Earth they held a series of CompSci and BioTech positions marked by moderate achievement, but inevitably ending with being replaced by a more motivated candidate or becoming a casualty of a layoff cycle. Financially pressed, Tagiĝ signed onto an early Rimward colonization initiative (apparently selling their birth morph to a Martian fleshmonger to make the buy-in requirement) which put them on a slow boat to the Outer System, where they rode out the Fall and have remained since. Now a Ilmarinen-based biohacker, Tagiĝ has contributed to a number of Brinker-made biomorphs. Usually this involves remote consultation or post-facto gene patches, though on occasion they'll send a fork to interface directly with another hab's team and merge back into themself upon project completion. Note that the only recorded time they've left the Neptunian system since helping colonize it was a one-month stay on Eris shortly before the word got out about the Pandora gate discovered there. The circumstances of this visit remain frustratingly vague. Though born human on Earth, Tagiĝ thinks little of that distinction. They've stated on more than one occasion: "Nature is just one more tradition. Traditions form because they provide a benefit, or at least the perception of one. They have value in that regard; but if straying from them produces an equivalent or greater benefit with no downsides? It's time to retire the old modes. Keep up the good, replace the bad." Aside from their die-hard advocacy of morphological freedom, Tagiĝ holds moderate and centrist attitudes with context trumping principle. This earns a few funny looks and ribbing, but debates aside Tagiĝ follows the rules and has been on Ilmarinen since its founding, so the Anarchist-dominated population takes their views in stride. Tagiĝ came to the Eye's attention when their [i]"Anuran"[/i] pet project (a Bouncer-esque morph heavily inspired by the capabilities of some Earth amphibians to hibernate through extreme environmental hazards) proved to have some worrying side-effects on inhabiting egos. The adjustments to brain chemistry that prevent degradation during extreme hibernation states make the morph difficult to acclimate to for a number of reasons, but egos who manage to tough it out the first couple weeks settle in all too well. Such individuals find themselves subject to what is being referred to as "Entrapment." Egos experiencing Entrapment find it unaccountably difficult to comfortably sleeve into any other morphs (bio, pod [i]or[/i] synth, even individual morphs the egos in question had extensive experience in previously) but can happily and effortlessly sleeve into Anurans (even those with resleeving anxiety disorders). Entrapment sufferers describe non-Anuran morphs as feeling some combination of stiff, melancholic and ephemeral. Tagiĝ has publicly acknowledged the Entrapment issue, and is purportedly working to correct it. Whether this is true or not is up for debate, as is whether this functionality was actually accidental. What is not in question is that a number of known Exhuman groups would literally kill for a way to passively pressure egos to remain in a particular class of morph, as would Nine Lives. Eventually, the Entrapment effect will be reverse-engineered from the Anurans' genome, but turning Tagiĝ would likely move that timetable up dramatically. Local agents are keeping an Eye on Tagiĝ at all times, but the final decision as to how they are to be handled is pending.
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RE: Tell us about yourself!
Full Name: Doctor Francis "Doc" Rodgers Known Alias: Frank, Frankie, Leroy Eye Alias: Stitch in time Affiliations: Argonauts Server: [Encrypted] Role: Crow Specialty: Morph procurement, design, modification and repair/healing. Residence: Officially a resident of Hooverman-Geischecker, known to have secondary residence through out the system, mostly in habs with Argonaut or Titanian connections. Rodgers is known to the public as an Argonaut morph expert. His current day job is aiding the ongoing effort to improve coronal adapted morphs, and has made some contributions to improving magnetic shielding necessary for giving implants to such morphs. His penchant for forking has lead to him having a connection to most open bodybanks present through the system, which he maintains by occasional design contributions. Not known to the public is his connection to firewall. Those in the know are aware that his roaming across the system is simply a cover for his position. Most of his off the book support has involved slightly adjusting the numbers in his inventory and supply, and using the surplus obtained this way to provide firewall with morphs that otherwise don't show up in any records. Many of the bodybanks connected to him have hidden sections sometimes used as safe-houses, and generally have at least one long term fork manning the healing stations to recover any damaged morph would otherwise be missed.
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Encrypted recording: patient Morgan, first session
Morgan's Butchery The finest, most comfortable morphs for your visit in the Carnival of the Goat swarm Psychosurgery and psychotherapy, therapeutic and recreational. It's not a disorder, it's a new perspective. Please read before contacting
  • We provide presence, not entertainment. The Carnival is not a business, but a tribe. For a good experience, treat everybody as people.
  • In particular, assume that people are sleeved into every morph, even and especially pleasure pods.
  • If in doubt, ask. We are a welcoming bunch, and would rather that you ask a question about something that might be a mistake, than just commit that mistake.
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"Well, this is a little awkward..." "That is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about." "I know. So, do we start at the beginning or at ... the beginning?" "I think it is best if you drew me a picture of your general background first." "Okay then. My name is Morgan, I was born in what is now apparently called 25 BF in what was back then called Las Vegas as a single child to affluent parents. I studied medicine and became a fellow at Blackwell Hospital, where I treated the physical and psychological ailments, both actual and perceived, of the rich and famous." "Would you say that your work fulfilled you?" "At the least it kept me occupied. With the benefit of hindsight and perspective, I would say that it was a convenient set of blinders to keep me distracted from the general state of the world." "Would you like to talk about this in detail?" "I don't know, it seems both normal and not very relevant right now." "Then w will come back to this later. Please do go on." "Well, then there was the Fall. What a horror show. One day you hear reports about military operations in Canada being rattled of by a talking head on the mesh, while you yourself are busy shuffling around meager fat deposits on the future morph of an unhappy entitled client. The next day you are ripping stacks out of screaming people's necks while their flesh melts off, worrying whether you can activate the plasma incinerator before the infection reaches that stack, or breaks out of the isolation box. And then ... A stabbing pain in your own neck, and the feeling of betrayal, as you realize that your colleague didn't give you the choice to stay behind and upload more people after all. But you know that." "Yes, and I think we should spend a lot more time working on this than you are comfortable of admitting." "I'm afraid you might be right there ..." "Do go on for now, please." "No falling unconscious, no darkness, no waking up. I realize that I am an infomorph, and that I have just deleted all of my intermediate memories. And the rest is history. I joined the Carnival of the Goat's swarm, opened a practice on board the 'Wherever Whenever Whatever', and am trying to find as many morphs as I can afford to get people out of cold storage, so they don't end up as slaves." "You skipped rather quickly through the deletion part." "Well, there is nothing to be told about that. After all, those memories are gone?" "It may seem so at first glance, but ..." "Trust me. Gone." "Well, the memories are one thing, but you might also research your history using more conventional methods." "..." "I sense a certain hesitation?" "Oh, spare me your textbook phrases! Better to move forward than look backward." "Our past is what created our present state, and thus is important to what kind of future we create." "I know! But this part ... I don't ... Well, I ..." "It is why you are here. Why I am here." "Yes! But I ... I just ... can't ..." "There seems to be a block in place. Let us approach that slowly and see how ..." "Initiate fork merge!" ... "Well, that was pointless. So much for therapy by oneself."
Morgan's Butchery | Body bank, morph individualization and upgrades | Psychotherapy and Psychosurgery, therapeutic and recreational | http://eclipsephase.com/comment/59484#comment-59484
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Ision Camada
Known Skillsets: Diplomacy, Street Art, Spaceship Design and Repair, Combat, Flight Current Morph: "Vacuum Flier"(Modified Lunar Flier) Faction: Anarcist Bio: High_On_Flight So, you want to know more about me huh? Well, don't want to waste any more time. So I'm Ision, yeah that Ision. Everything you've heard about me, well at least half of it's true. I was born and raised Scum, spending most of my time close or in Saturn's Ring, infrequently going to a habitats or Titan. Fun times, got my monkey Penny, worked on repairing and, let's say, spicing up the ships. Then the Fall happened, and the world turned upside down. I was 9, and let me tell you, the apocalypse changes a man(or child as the case may be). Everyone was talking about perma-death, and how sh*tty everything was. At this point, I learned 2 things, 1. You can die at anytime, and 2. Transhumanity can die at anytime. I packed my bags and left on the next ship to Locus, the Anarchist capital of the world, because I wasn't going to live my life cramped on a ship. I'm still technically a citizen there to this day, and I enjoyed my time there as a ship's repair worker and artist(all in one package!), but most of my time nowadays goes out to exploring the solar system, and the greatest profession, Zero-G dueling. Yeah, that's where you've heard of me from. ----------------------------------------Transmission End---------------------------------- Posted by: Grounded_On_Beliefs Okay, I see what you mean, I’ll step in. So about my best friend's past. Well, something he didn't mention was his parents. His mom was a scientist on Iapetus, and his dad was her boss. Well, they didn't have time to raise a kid, so they sent him away on his uncle’s scum barge, the bastards. I think he met with his dad a total of 4 times, and his mom could never catch a break. But you guys(and gals) know about Iapetus don't you? Well, when the TITANs attacked, we couldn't find him anywhere. His monkey was high, and told us he was on the roof. I went up and he was just sitting there. Funny thing was, it was the same place I had accidentally blown him up.(Long Story) When I came up to him, he said this, "You know, my dad was always saying 'I have to' or 'I'll get to' when we talked, never 'I want to' or 'I can';" he turned with a sad smile, "When I die, I mean for keeps, I'm not going to have any obligations for anyone, and I'll know I'll have done everything a transhuman can, I've lived a scum for 9 years, and you know what, it was nice, but f*ck it, what if I don't want to be orbiting Saturn anymore, what if I want to go to Locus? What then?" And we were off on the next ship to Locus. Posted by: Trash_Mongerer Ugh, that was painful to read. This is where the useful stuff starts. So yeah, Ision, a Zero-G dueler with a thousand favors. I once asked him why do things if he can get other people to do them for him, and he replied with “because where is the fun in that?”. That’s who we’re working with here. Still, having someone to convince the bad guys that that guard shot himself is always a plus. (I have no idea how he did that, the guards were either very stupid, or he can do something he hasn't told us)He tries to keep a “tough guy” or “badass” look, and he can act narcissistic, but both of those facades crumble like a Ruster without its checkup at the slightest push. Actually, that describes anything about his psyche pretty well. He often uses drugs and the like to try and repair stress, which has lead to some unhealthy addictions in the past, although most are taken care of. What hasn’t been is his tendency to reset himself to a prior backup when things get bad. This has been known to happen at least once. Anyways, he means well, and I wouldn’t worry about him backstabbing me on a mission. He wouldn’t worry about that either to be fair, take that how you will. The anarchist has saved me on multiple occasions though, so he’ll always be my first choice for diplomat on most missions.
The world only needs one Meathab
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The Buddy Movie
Rolando Delaxie cannot be explained without his accomplice, Xutuluu Grandwrath, or "The Grand X," who make the pair a duo. Their file can be read here at great length, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YUef24Hcpg4qtHREcYTv8sAtbeb4KBNRNOkn... But suffice to say the two are former Noctis Rangers and extortionists, neo-isolationists, scientists, soldiers, and avowed criminals whose primary role for Firewall is a constant feed of dirt on the worst figures on Mars. Rolando is a very old Transhuman with a strong Criminal, Corporate and Eye reputation, and is vocally critical of...everything. He himself is a former MP, designer of the Candybar Suit, the Result Gun, and strident advocate of better gear for a better op.
"Nobody goes to Grid 36." --Rolando DeLaxie Scandal Artist, Extortionist, fmr Noctis Ranger
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Fw: Possible uplift Async on Atlantica
Character Name: Kuro Arvenne Known Aliases: Yokozuna ‘Yoko’ Character Bio Born Orcinus Orca approximately 11BF, Kuro is the eldest daughter of a traditionally organized family of Orca uplifts [Reference Solarchive: Orcinus Orca, Matrilineal dynasties]. Her family is notable for its influences on Atlantica, Extropia, Europa and virtually any place in the system where there’s enough water to support their preferred morphs. It is also known for its equally widespread connections to Guanxi networks and operations. Serving as an enforcer and student of extropian law, she represents her family in underground wrestling matches apparently designed to settle disputes without disrupting cartel operations. Agents implanted throughout the cartel have been indispensable in protecting Firewall operations, although she is notable for complicating matters with her own initiatives. With proper handling, she would have been a non-issue, if convinced appropriately to allow or ignore Firewall agents and proxies operating within the cartel - as is the case with the current cartel matriarch. [Video attachments: **“Huge Vody punts Junta d*ckhead”, **“Settlement - Arvenne vs Tong”] Of note was her close relationship to her younger sibling - a brother by the name of Kodyi. While it would complicate matters to involve him, our analysis shows he would be the linchpin to any effort to forcibly persuade her to see reason. Unfortunately that option is no longer available. A month ago, Kuro and her brother were involved in an altercation on Atlantica with agents from server [redacted]. At present we lack information on the intentions or methods of the [redacted] agents - however Erasure teams had to be scrambled to prevent possible TiTAN nano-weapons, apparently deployed by server [redacted] agents from infecting the habitat. Information on the incident is still coming in, however she has apparently withdrawn into severe depression following the aftermath. Agents previously embedded in the cartel have either been forced to abandon their assignments or otherwise disappeared. Kuro is known to have survived, but withdrawn from public appearances - apparently due to deep depression. [Append: Eyes only] Initial fork interrogation has concluded Kuro should be barred from i-Net and Firewall resources until further notice: Her interest in such resources would extend only so far as an aide to conduct her vendetta with surviving personnel from server [redacted], and ultimately be harmful to Firewall’s ongoing goals. [i-Net blacklist confirmed as of [redacted]] Server [redacted] has been declared status: Rogue Her current mesh activity is devoted to locating surviving server [redacted] personnel and assets for retribution. Agents operating in parallel are advised to assist her only with extreme caution. Psychological and behavioural analysis has identified patterns and minor psychoses specific to those infected by the Watts Macleod strain exsurgent virus. While gamma-level psionic capabilities have yet to be documented, the possibility cannot be discounted. More recent psychological analysis has uncovered exceptional volatility to her temperament, especially at the mention of her younger brother, or TiTAN’s. Given her preference for high-performance, large-bodied morphs based on Orcinus Orca germ lines, do NOT bring up these subjects if within arms’ reach of her.
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”Tell me where he is or I will bite off your head and shit your stack into the sun!” “Go to -AAA-Santosantosanto! Santo’s module!” [Excerprt ends] “At...what point, Sentinel [redacted] did you feel it necessary to divulge critical information to an outside entity?” “How convenient for you to play just that little sound byte.” “Answer the question.” “You wouldn’t be here, now, bitching at me for giving up those traitors if I hadn’t helped her first.” “[i]Answer[/i]...the question.” “The point where Firewall lets nanoplagues be let loose on entire populations to make a statement! The point where pre-pubescent [i]children[/i] are considered nothing more than leverage for your slush funds! The point where her teeth were ripping through my collarbone and scapula, and my spine was being torn in half! The point where my head was in her goddamn throat and [i]halfway to her stomach![/i]” “...Sentinel..I-” “-Didn’t review the full XP I sent. Because you’re trying to hide those bastards - the entire SERVER that nearly destroyed Atlantica. I hope she finds them - for what they did to her, and what they nearly did to an entire hab.” “That is enough. Sentinel [redacted], Amenities are being prepared for treatment and downtime. Router [redacted], your actions are under review until further notice. Any further action in regards to this individual will be handled by my server.”
Daemon-Dynamics Projects: 2nd Edition [url=http://eclipsephase.com/2nd-edition-morph-creation]Morph Creation Rules[/url] [hr]
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Name: Jane Patterson Alias: ; DROP TABLE USERS OR 1=1 (Colloquialy known as "DROP") Faction: Jovian Morph: Flat Background: Jane survived the Fall. As in- Physically survived. She caught a ship off planet, never got a cortical stack, nor most implants besides basic biomods to increase her lifespan, and lives in the body she was born in. She has very bioconservative views on life and is not afraid to mention this often. Notably, she rarely refers to those she knows are infolife directly. Instead, she actively changes her wording to speak to others who may be reading, instead of the infolife themselves. She doesn't see them as entities.
This message was sponsored by the GLORIOUS JOVIAN REPUBLIC!(TM)
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One of the characters I'm making
Name: Burnie Asimov TheEye alias: BlackHat Biography: The year is 2 AF. Alexander Asimov is a brinker living on Titania, Uranus, not to be confused with Titan, Saturn. Sometimes, Alexander Asimov gets lonely. This is, of course, understandable, but this time he acted on it. He didn't want to deal with the turbulence of reintegrating with society, so he programmed a friend. In the eight years the AGI existed, he learned four very important things: firstly, he learned to program; secondly, he learned that fire is beautiful; thirdly, The Solar System sucks; and lastly, he can use those first two lessons to resolve the third one. Thus, Burnie Asimov was born. He named himself after the English word for "flame", as he is a major pyromaniac. He travels the system as a revolutionary to some and terrorist to others. His violent sadism towards his enemies does not help his image when it comes to not being seen as a terrorist. On some level, he feels a little guilty for abandoning Alexander Asimov, so he sends his creator messages whenever it is safe to do so. Once Burnie is finished, which will not be any time soon, he plans to go back to Alexander and live quietly.
Picture of Fire taken under CC0 license. (That's the correct syntax, right?)
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Other Character I'm developing
Name: Dr. Crisp R. Chas IX, PHD TheEye alias: Codon Biography: Meet D'Mitri Llanera, 120 BF. As a child, D'Mitri did not quite get along with the mother. She taught the child, D'Mitri, that, as a man, he existed to please women. As a man he was expendable and worthless. On top of this, D'Mitri had a secret that made the mother even more painful. D'Mitri was a transwoman. In 120 BF, they didn't have the medical technology to transgender quite as effectively. While using primitive hormone replacement technology, she devoted her life to genetics and other sciences to truly transgender. Once transhuman technology decently developed, D'Mitri changed her name to Crisp Rose Chas IX, named after CRISPR/cas9, and lived as a space colonist. Crispy, as she was nicknamed, prefers to be sleeved in a neotenic. She believes her mother treated her (and her husbands) poorly because males lack neoteny and neoteny elicits help. She also believes that, since men lack neoteny in hardware and software, having a male gender identity is similar to a mental disorder. Because of her resentment for her mother, Crispy has become a mysoginist. Although she does not believe in punishment or revenge, she treats women who have been around in the human age with cold bitterness. She blames them for her mother's behavior. To this day, she works as a geneticist for the Argonauts. Edit: This character has been intentionally crafted for drama. If she is too controversial, I'm willing to make the misogyny more subtle than I already planned for it to be (which is already pretty subtle.)
Picture of Fire taken under CC0 license. (That's the correct syntax, right?)
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Another Character
Name: Dr. Alex Llanera TheEye alias: [s]SnakeSucker[/s][sup]1[/sup] Biography: In the year is 2020 Alex Llanera lies on the ground bleeding from his partially severed penis. His abusive mother accidentally cut part of it off after playing a game of psychological torment. Over the coarse of his life, Alex began to hate humanity more and more, as opposed to his sibling who simply became a subtle misogynist. One day, after crying from his mother's half hearted attempt to cauterize his bleeding penis, she began yelling at him, calling him a machine. This was the tipping point where he consulted with his sibling and assisted in scientific strides towards transhumanism. He became an assistant at a university until transhuman technology became practical, not that he was afraid of being a test subject. Once transhuman technology was practical, or perhaps slightly before it was practical, they (singular, Alex only) disowned their gender identity because they found sexual dimorphism to be disgusting elitism. Alex immediately left for space on a colony separate from their sibling. Eventually, Alex found a network of people known as exhumans. They were fellow rejects who decided not to play transhumanities cruel games. Alex completely signed up within ten minutes. Ever since, Alex has been working as a hitman and, oddly, as a maid. Alex believes that they are amused at the idea of serving inferior transhumans; however, this is actually a coping mechanism to give the illusion that they were in control when being abused by the mother. Lastly, Alex went through a weeaboo stage and nearly became fluent in Japanese from immersion. [sup]1[/sup]"Whoever changed my TheEye net alias to 'SnakeSucker', prepare for a rough lobotomy."
Picture of Fire taken under CC0 license. (That's the correct syntax, right?)
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Malevolence Beneath the Surface (Mal)
I'll be honest. I never self ID'd as a 'transhuman'. Leave that human shit for the Ultimates and the corpys. I guess you can call me an exhuman. I don't really have much use for titles. What I am is dangerous. I'm a hunter. Its what I was made to be. Not by those humans. I mean octopi, we're hunters to our core. Its the most fun you can have. Humans seem to think its sex, but I like hunting much more. There are so many things that can happen when you're hunting. Fucking all seems to result in the same conclusion. And it looks so...undignified. Also, we die after we mate sooooo....not much in it for me. But you lot always want a history, eh? A little talky talk for the monkeys, story time around the fire? Sure, I'll give that to you...how far back we going? Beginning? Okie dokie. I was born on Mars, to a family of hyperelites....wait, no. No I wasn't...I'm a squid. Start over, Mal... I was born in a hypercorp black site. Hatched, I suppose. No parents (my mom spent my early childhood committing cellular suicide, as is the way of our people). But, you know, big family. 38,422 all told. And you know, I hear that the middle child is always the problem child. I guess that's me. The lead on the project that spawned us was a student of Antonio Pascal, who was best known for being the father of Project PSICLONE. I guess Dr. Pascal's student thought the Lost turned out so well that they wanted to try it with octopuses. Turns out the result wasn't as different as you might think. So what do you do with thousands of fully formed octopuses with psychic powers? Turns out you don't have a chance to do that because we're going to be eating your face. Only a few hundred of us actually got morphs right away. Turns out that's more than enough to be...problematic. I don't really remember much of how I got out of there, it comes to me in flashes and starts. Sometimes I think I flew out on a shuttle, others I remember egocasting and waking up in a human body. I remember it was quick, about 3 days after we'd gotten our morphs. Did I get out with that morph? I don't think so, I don't have it anymore in any case. Whatever, not important. Anywho, I ended up getting my hands on this neat little device, it teaches me so many interesting things. I just slip an ego into it, and I get all these insights into the human mind. I think I'm starting to get why people like other people. And I am so many other people. I really like myself. And I like myself more and more every day. :D What else what else....well after I graduated from the University of....no, no I...I didn't go to college. No no no. As for those Firewall chumps...they take me around to meet new people. And we've met so many interesting folks, who can do so many interesting things. I find myself wanting more and more to talk with them, but my team doesn't usually let me. They just wanna shoot all the most interesting people we meet. Its so sad, but we keep finding them so hopefully I'll get to talk with them soon! Besides, I've sent a bunch of forks out into the system to meet more interesting people. Its great, because I can just merge them back without any of that pesky psychosurgery. Just put them in my little machine. Sometimes I forget things, but I remember so many new things I feel like its a worthy trade. And the more I do it, the stronger I'm getting. I'll be such a great hunter when the TITANs come back! Otherwise, I do a lot of X-casting for a...particular...client base. Obviously I have to edit out most of the really interesting stuff, but I have a lot of fun with it. Anything else you need to know? I guess not...I hope we meet someday! Oh, right....Fuck. Dolphins. Just...just fuck them. They're the worst.
If you took the monsters' point of view, everything they did made perfect sense. The trick was learning to think like a monster.
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Synapse, Firewall Sentinel
Firewall Alias: Synapse Classified Name: Chelsea Mallory Sloan Known Aliases (partial list): Britney Daniels, ginger7538, Rita Alvarez Current Morph (as of March): Menton, modified, incorporating Skinflex technology Affiliations: Argonauts, Scum Position: Sentinel Current Location: Olympus City, Mars Known Motivations: Technoprogressivism, Research, Personal Development Known Interests: Guitar Chelsea M. Sloan was born in BF 22 in Los Angeles County on Earth. Synapse as she exists today, however, has told at least one Firewall trauma therapist that she thinks she may only have truly originated in AF 1. She has undergone significant ego reconstruction, having been put back together out of ego fragments and recollections of her original incarnation after she successfully attempted suicide in the wake of the Fall. Though her current brain-print demonstrates that her current state is remarkably stable and coherent, the nature of the event was enough to cause her to question whether she was still the same individual. The circumstances of her death and reconstitution necessitated the forcible retirement of her original identity. On top of this, Synapse is an async. She contracted Watts-MacLeod during the Fall, and her abilities remained even after she underwent significant psychosurgical repair. Her abilities are considerable, though she has reported difficulty controlling them. Synapse is a talented combatant, strategist, and general problem-solver, with an exceptional willingness to get the job done despite obstacles. However, she is heavily dependent on her psychiatric bio-tailoring regimen (for chronic ADHD and bipolar disorder), and tends to request therapeutic services at a significantly higher rate than most sentinels. She has also threatened to end her cooperation with Firewall if the organization harms any of a specified list of individuals outside the organization (see attached document). Her proxy's recommendation: Keep her in the field, but watch for lasting changes in her mental state or signs of malevolent or contagious exsurgent infection, as is prudent for any async member of Firewall. If she manages to reconnect with anyone from her past life, handle the situation with extreme caution; reasoning with her on the grounds of operational security has thus far been a sufficient deterrent, but she may change her mind.
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A people who does not remember their past, their present is meager and their future obscured.
Sleeper Service Sleeper Service's picture
Name: John "Jojo" Alexander
GenehackedGynoid GenehackedGynoid's picture
Jenn, Autonomist Psychosurgeon
Firewall Case File (2134-407-Zeta): J. DESCOMBES Real Name: Jennifer Susanna Descombes-Landry Known Aliases (partial list): IsleOfDoctorMeow, jennysayswhat, Jane Bonney the Brave, Robin Mercier, Madeline Forrest Current Morph (as of April, AF 10): Splicer Affiliations: Autonomist Alliance, Scum, Barsoomians Current Location: Elysium, Mars Apparent Motivations: righting injustices; mollifying own survivor guilt; pushing the scientific envelope Known Interests: Psychosurgery, Emergent Mathematics, Transhuman and AGI Psychology, Literature, Furry Subculture [b]Posted by:[/b] Hedonic Principle, Firewall Router <[u]info[/u] [u]msg[/u] [u]rep[/u]> [b]Dossier: Jenn Descombes[/b] There is a lot we could say about this individual. We have an extensive psychological workup on her, developed when she was involved in a case in AF 1 related to an early documented instance of Watts-MacLeod infection. But let's cut to what's relevant: left unmonitored, Descombes is potentially dangerous, more so than even she may realize. Descombes is a budding prodigy in neurology and psychosurgery. She first came to Firewall's attention when she took the highly fragmented ego remains of a suicidal async - who actually took pains to destroy her stack and backups - and reassembled them into a working ego, to a level of fidelity leaving almost no functional neural damage. Moreover, when she performed this feat, she had had no formal training in psychosurgery, except that which she taught herself in the past four months specifically for the job. It seems her potential in this area has been left unrealized almost exclusively because she has had more interesting things to do in the meantime, and because that episode of her life was traumatic. Because of the aforementioned incident, Descombes has first-hand experience with examining an ego with advanced Watts-MacLeod infection. It is unknown at this time whether she herself is an exsurgent carrier in any capacity, but it is believed she is not. Nonetheless, she may possess the latent capability to recognize infected egos - perhaps even modify an ego to add, remove, or alter psionic abilities. Moreover, Descombes' apparent talent to rapidly acquire an ability when under extreme stress may be repeatable. If so, it has been suggested that another similarly traumatic moment in her life may inspire her to acquire an even more dangerous skill set, without concern for the repercussions involved in having that skill set. It has been suggested that she may even develop into a singularity seeker if left unchecked. Her current choice of affiliates - including an escaped corporate AI with an established interest in personal augmentation, and an async criminal with an almost spiritual attitude toward their psionic abilities - does little to quell these concerns. At the moment, Descombes is involved in a Barsoomian-affiliated initiative on Mars to destabilize peaceful relations between corporations in the Planetary Consortium, in an effort to give the Autonomists an advantage. Firewall has committed to a stance of neutrality on this issue, favoring only the overall stability of the system. Nonetheless, Descombes' involvement bespeaks a broader unwillingness to, as one Sentinel put it, "leave well enough alone". Finally, Descombes is known to have a deep streak of survivor's guilt and self-destructive tendencies. These traits are as much additional sources of danger as they are potential leverage against her. [b]Additional Biographical Information[/b] Descombes was born in BF 23 in Santa Clara, California on Earth. Her parents, both extant, are currently employed as habitat engineers for Starware on Luna. Descombes has an MS degree in computational genetics and genetic algorithms, and has been involved in three published papers in the field of artificial intelligence and emergent psychology. Descombes is known to be fairly eccentric, and has a number of readily recognizable body language quirks and verbal tics (see also attached recognition document). It is also established that she is exceptionally bad at telling untruths in person. If necessary, use this against her.
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Character Name: Harkness
Character Name: Harkness Bio: One of the privileged few who escaped the Fall by being part of a rich upper-class family, Harkness belongs to a relatively successful but small post-Fall hypercorp family partnered with ExoTech. Harkness himself is a semi well-known media icon on Extropia, the prodigal inheritor of the psychosurgical and bio-sculpting firm known as "Lethe". His reputation stems from his legendary expertise in artistically rendering extremely unusual psyches and their accompanying morphs, from uplifts to AGIs to uniquely delicate memory edits and exclusive XPs. He is also publicly known for past allegations of having connections with the notorious Exhuman faction. This fact alone has led to his work being banned from all Jovian habitats, and his personal life coming under close scrutiny at times by the Planetary Consortium. Harkness is, in secret, but in fact, part of the Exhuman faction. His Exhuman mentor is an enigmatic being from the mesh calling itself "Abraxas", who's exact composition and point of origin is unknown, except that it originates from somewhere within the Kuiper Belt. Harkness is one of the rare cases of an Exhuman "hiding in plain sight", such that he has compartmentalized his own mind using his psychosurgical talents in order to create a public persona that can, for all intents-and-purposes, serve as a proxy between his true inner identity and the transhuman public he interfaces with occasionally. This leaves him in a somewhat dissociative state, suffering from MPD (multiple-personality-disorder) as the result of intentionally fragmenting his own consciousness. Recently, Harkness has been wrestling with the possibility that the entity calling itself "Abraxas" might in fact be a facet of his own fragmented mind, a point-of-fact that Abraxas does nothing to either endorse or refute.
As my eyes divide the stars a siren sounds in heaven my will brings down the moon and shatters it to pieces