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Examples of Trivial Favors?

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Examples of Trivial Favors?
I'm having trouble coming up with things that might count as trivial favors, especially since there's no examples given for them in the book. The only thing I've been able to come up with is convincing people to trust you: if you run into some Barsoomians out on an op, I might rule convincing them that you're down with B as a trivial @-rep favor. But what are some example services or pieces of information that might count as trivial favors?
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You can use 1st edition
You can use 1st edition examples I think ;)
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I would think that trivial
I would think that trivial favors would involve any gear with a cost of < 1, like a simple meal or maybe a room to sleep for the night at a friend's place. It might also cover things like mesh-contacting your neighbor and asking them to stop over and water your plants (assuming you don't have a gardener bot). Other trivial favors might depend on your career. As a nurse IRL, it's trivial for me to call and ask one of my MD or ARNP co-workers to write me a script for simple antibiotics (like a Z-pak), but for someone without such connections, that can require a trip to the doctor's office or an urgent care center.