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Maximum Shredder: Burst Fire + Cone = ?

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Maximum Shredder: Burst Fire + Cone = ?
If I use the Burst option with a ranged weapon, I can choose to either go concentrated against one target or to hit two adjacent targets within a meter of each other. When I use a Cone Area-Effect weapon at range it effects 2 targets within a meter of each other. So, using a Shredder in Burst Fire at range against two targets, do the effects combine? Can I do "single target" Burst Fire and get the +10 to hit or +1d10 DV but still apply it against both targets thanks to Cone? Can I do "two adjacent targets" Burst Fire and hit them both from it along with hitting them each again with the splash from Cone? For added fun, scale this up to Full Auto.
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Oh that’s a good one!
Interesting question. I don’t think the multiple target effects compound with each other, but mixing concentrated fire from the burst and multiple targets for the cone is fair game imho. You can also take advantage of BF/FA multi targets at close range, which wouldn’t be possible with cone only (and get the DV boost from cone at that range). FA burst at close/point blank using concentrated fire can be devastating (+3D10 total!). Other options include negating the -1D10 DV beyond range with BF concentrated fire and still hitting three targets with it... I like splash weapons.