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Sedatives: Converting Monsters

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Sedatives: Converting Monsters
I am in the process of converting some of the X-risk critters into 2nd Edition, and since my crew is exploring derelict space ships and habitats, I was looking the Extractors (X-risks, page 105). Most of the conversation was pretty easy, except for the sedative part. Looking at the drug/toxin section, there is nothing that "knocks people out". The closest I have found is a couple reduce some stats (making the victims more clumsy) or paralyzes them...which leads to death. I kinda wanna avoid the death thing right now. Anyone got any idea what good sedative rules would look like?
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The toxin Twitch disables somebody without doing permanent damage. It's rule is:
p335 wrote:
Twitch is a convulsive agent, a nonlethal nerve gas. Apply a –20 modifier to all actions and make a SOM Check or become incapacitated with severe muscle tremors for 10 minute.
You probably want your converted sedative to work similarly, with a SOM test to mitigate some of the effects, and incapacitation being a likely consequence of failure. A penalty on the test might make sense if it the drug is particularly potent.
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Missed that
Thank you! Some how I missed that
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Don’t hesitate to share your
Don’t hesitate to share your work :)
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