EP Fan Hacks

Our Creative Commons license allows you to modify and remix Eclipse Phase material. Here is a collection of interesting and useful fan-created mods, mash-ups, original material, and other community resources.

All of these hacks are for Eclipse Phase Second Edition. Find EP1 hacks here (some can be converted to EP2 with a little effort).

Utilities and Toolkits

Useful tools and sites with collections of resources.

  • EP2 Helper by Maoulkavien: Based on an original version by Arokha, this site contains an introduction to the game, an online character generator, and a database with information on gear, traits, and more.
  • Eclipse Phase Extras by Saii: This site has many useful maps, battlemaps, and infographics in high resolution. as well as scenarios, war cards, and other supplemental tools.
  • Eclipse Phase Utilities by Akonus: A website with quick and easy NPC generator, adventure seed generator, combat manager, system gazetteer, and much more. Content is mainly created by Codex of Rome, check site for full credits.
  • EP2 Character Builder by Joe Rooney: A google sheet for putting characters together.
  • Gear Cards by Fishmonger: Printable cards of EP2 gear items.
  • EP2 Tools by Ralfbiedert: Character sheets, system cheat sheets, and other GM tools.
  • Nano Op Template by Jeff Eaton: For creating your own nano ops in the EP2 style.

Character Sheets

Character sheets done by the community for EP2.

  • Character Sheets by Eldaniello: Includes links to both PDF and SVG versions and French and Spanish translations.
  • Form-Fillable Sheets by Drynne: Based on Eldaniello's sheets above, also includes some auto-calculations.
  • Character Sheets by Maoulkavien: These variants of Eldaniello's sheets include a separate page for the morph and a larger box for the muse.
  • Form-Fillable Sheets by Jerry Mick: Based on the official character sheet.

VTT Assets

Tokens and assets for playing on virtual tabletops.

  • EP Tokens by Tam: Includes all of the morphs from the Morph Recognition Guide and the sample characters from EP2, optimised for Roll20.
  • Sci-Fi RPG Tokens by Techlander: This patreon provides many free tokens useful for EP games.


Useful visual elements for your games.

Tips and Tricks

Advice and ideas for improving your games.

Source Material

Bringing the setting to life.

  • Morph Recognition Guide converted to EP2 by DivineWrath and Saii
    An unofficial rough conversion of the MRG to EP2 stats. Note that Posthuman Studios is currently working on an official update of the EP1 morphs on our Patreon.
  • H-Rep Blog by Unitomega: Contains many posts with homebrew ideas and conversions.
  • List of Corporations: Many of the hypercorps mentioned in first-edition Eclipse Phase books, up to Rimward.

3D Printing Files

For making your own models.

Actual Play

Watch or listen to folks play EP2!

English Audio

English Video

English Text

French Audio