FAQ: Eclipse Phase, Second Edition

Will Eclipse Phase first-edition characters be playable in Eclipse Phase, Second Edition?

We will offer a simple conversion guide, but it will probably be better and easier to just recreate your character with the new rules.

Will first-edition books be compatible with the new edition?

Yes and no. Sourcebooks such as Sunward, Rimward, Gatecrashing, Panopticon, Firewall, Argonauts, The Stars Our Destination, and Zone Stalkers are 95% compatible. Some of the morphs, gear, and other rules provided in their Game Information sections will be outdated, but are easily convertible. Any sample characters will also need to be converted. Our first-edition adventures and X-Risks are less compatible, but shouldn’t take too much adjustment to use with second edition. Transhuman and the Morph Recognition Guide are not compatible with second edition—but material from each of them inspired and was integrated into second edition.

After the Fall and Transhumanity’s Fate remain untouched by the new edition.

Will Eclipse Phase first-edition books be updated to Eclipse Phase, Second Edition?

We will be updating books on a case-by-case basis: in some cases taking material from multiple books and creating books with new takes on the material, in some cases updating material to create an Eclipse Phase, Second Edition-compatible book, and in other cases leaving them as first edition titles.

Will Eclipse Phase first edition books still be available?

All our electronic and print on demand releases will stay available. Books that are currently in print and in distribution will stay that way. When they reach low enough stock levels, we’ll make them available as print on demand, as well.

You've talked about a Crime book, what happened to it?

The Crime book is still on the schedule as an EP2 release in 2020.

What's going to happen to the Singularity software?

After one more update, we plan to open-source Singularity. We are exploring options for new support software for EP2.