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Posthuman Studios

Your Whispering Muse Open Call for Writers!

Posthuman Studios is seeking new-to-Eclipse Phase authors for our upcoming serial-style sourcebook project, Your Whispering Muse! (February 1st: the Your Whispering Muse submissions period has closed! Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal!)

Your Whispering Muse Introduction

Your Whispering Muse mock cover The first series of Your Whispering Muse will be eight installments, each of them 4-6 pages (roughly 3400 or 5400 words). Your Whispering Muse will cover material that is "slice of life," "off the beaten path," and "you can drop this into your game/riff on it to make an adventure" — things that we don't get to cover in detail in major sourcebooks.

Posthuman Now Handling Own Distributor Sales

Posthuman Studios (Eclipse Phase/Shinobi Clans) is pleased to announce that effective immediately, they are handling all distributor sales in-house. X-Risks -- the sourcebook of existential threats for Eclipse Phase -- is available now to distributors and retailers!

In addition to supporting the core Eclipse Phase game, Posthuman Studios has released two titles this year designed to appeal to other gamers and science fiction fans: Transhumanity's Fate, a slim conversion of the Eclipse Phase setting to Evil Hat's Fate Core rule system; and After the Fall, a science fiction anthology featuring rising stars Ken Liu, Madeline Ashby, Fran Wilde, Karin Lowachee, Wesley Schneider, and Andrew Penn Romine.

Posthuman Studios at Gen Con 2015!

We're looking forward to seeing you at Gen Con. This year, we're at booth 561, and we'll have some great new stuff for you to check out! New Eclipse Phase Titles Our latest book, Firewall, will be available, alongside a complete set of Firewall Sample Character tiles. We'll also have Morph Recognition Cards (with tuckboxes!), plus every single Eclipse Phase book ever published (including the last 12 hardcover copies of Panopticon...), and there's a good chance that there will be a surprise or two. Firewall  Games at the Booth! We'll be demoing Shinobi Clans all day at the booth, and we'll have 90-minute in-booth demos for new Eclipse Phase players at 2 and 4PM on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and 1PM on Sunday. We'll have a Eclipse Phase Fate demo at 4PM on Saturday.

Eclipse Phase Reprint Shipping!

Posthuman Studios is pleased to announce that the reprint of Eclipse Phase is working its way into game stores and chain bookstores. We are working with our new publishing partners, Sandstorm Productions, to get more product to you as soon as possible! We are following up the Eclipse Phase core book reprint with the Eclipse Phase Gamemaster Pack, and later this summer you'll see Sunward: The Inner System, our first sourcebook.

Eclipse Phase has garnered great reviews, critical praise, and fired up the imagination of all who have read it. Demand has been high since it went out of stock earlier this year, and we are very excited to make it available again -- but this is not the "second printing" we thought would happen. Without going into gory details, instead of the second printing with corrections coming off the presses ... an exact duplicate of the first printing was produced by our previous publisher. We didn't learn of this until after all the books were printed and shipping to the USA.

Posthuman Studios and Sandstorm Productions Play Ball!

Lake Stevens, WA June 12th, 2010

“How’d you like to play dodgeball?”

There’s something to be said about flying into town for negotiations and getting taken directly to a parking lot game of dodgeball at midnight in Wicker Park, Chicago. When you’re in the gaming industry, work and play go hand in hand—you can’t make fun if you aren’t having it!

We’ve been fans of Eclipse Phase since it premiered. And just as big of fans of Rob, Adam, and Brian—the creative masterminds behind the ground-breaking transhumanist game. So when the opportunity came up to partner Sandstorm and Posthuman Studios, we jumped. (And threw down.)

You’ve gotten a taste of what Posthuman can create with Eclipse Phase—and we’re absolutely thrilled to be partnering with them to bring a full lineup of new Eclipse Phase books to fans in the coming year. We’re also very excited to be partnering with Posthuman to bring new games to the gaming market, such as the tongue-in-cheek card game of Celebrity Trash Culture, Paparazzi!

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