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Posthuman Studios is a small company—just 4 people: Rob Boyle, Davidson Cole, Brian Cross, and Adam Jury. And only 2 of us (Rob & Adam) work on publishing our games full-time. Aside from our social media presence, you can also follow us directly:

  • Rob Boyle's Personal Site Includes links to all of our CC-licensed material.
  • Rob Boyle on Twitch, where he DJs a weekly techno-industrial night with his partner Flesh_Bot.
  • Rob Boyle on Twitter.
  • Davidson Cole's Personal Site.
  • Adam Jury's Personal Site.
  • Adam Jury on Twitch, where he streams design work and Magic games.
  • Adam Jury on Twitter.

Creative Partners

Posthuman works with an array of extremely talented folks. You can follow some of them via the links below.

Publishing Partners

Posthuman Studios works with many other companies around the world to bring Eclipse Phase to its audience:


Eclipse Phase takes inspiration from many sources. Find an incomplete list here.

Transhumanism & Technology

Explore the science, politics, technology, and philosophies behind Eclipse Phase. Gamemasters might find these resources valuable in enhancing play and creating stories in the Eclipse Phase universe.

Politics and Economics

Eclipse Phase explores a number of political and economic models that are not widespread today, but which have potential in the future. These sites will provide you with more information on these ideas: