Project Status

Updated: March 3 2021

Here's a quick report on the status of various projects we have in the works, updated around the beginning of every month or whenever we have news.

Asterisked items (*) are remaining stretch goals for our Transhuman kickstarter.

Most of our hardcover print books falls in the 160-200 page count range. All are also released in PDF formats (and any fiction pieces separately in ebook formats).

Most of our softcover print-on-demand releases fall in the 24-40 page count range. All are also released as PDFs.

Recent Releases

  • All That Glitters is a two-page political Nano Op, available in PDF on DriveThruRPG
  • Xenovore, a gatecrashing op, is available in Print and PDF on Posthuman.Shop and in PDF on DriveThruRPG. Xenovore print pre-orders are shipping the first week of February.

Next Up

Xenovore's Fate, stretch goal for the EP2 Kickstarter.

On the Horizon

  • Eclipse Phase Second Edition Wiki
  • Development and final layout on the EP2 Condensed Player's Guide (EP2 KS stretch goal)
  • Your Whispering Muse (EP2 KS stretch goal)
    Capsule: A series of 8 mini-releases covering different parts of the Eclipse Phase setting, edition-agnostic! Status: First drafts for the first Series of Your Whispering Muse are in-house. We aim to develop those drafts in November 2020.

Further away ...

Eclipse Phase PDF-only to Print on Demand
Capsule: Roughly every month we're taking a title that has only been available in PDF to Print on Demand!
Status: DriveThruRPG's printer has recently discontinued saddle-stich (stapled) printing, so we are going to have to re-do a bunch of these titles.

Blackvein's Underworld Guide
Capsule: A sourcebook on transhuman crime, cartels, and running crime-based campaigns.
Status: We have contracted half of this book so far, and first drafts are in and being developed.

System Gazetteer
Capsule: A sourcebook on the key factions and locations of the solar system for Eclipse Phase Second Edition.
Status: Currently in the outline stage.

Eclipse Phase first edition Core Book ePub
Capsule: The EP core book in ePub format, divided into two separate books: setting and rules.
Status: The setting ePub is available now. The rules ePub is in production -- it needs a good Q&A check and some final corrections.

Quick Reference Sheets
Capsule: 6 handy reference sheets and flowcharts in PDF format.
Status: Will be released for Eclipse Phase Second Edition.

Space Combat (Final Title TBD)
Capsule: A mini-sourcebook on space combat in EP.
Status: Currently in the rough notes/outline stage.