This page provides various resources for Eclipse Phase fans, whether you are playing a game, running a campaign, or creating your own homebrew material. We have a lot to offer, so the list below will help you jump directly to the section you need.

Character and Record Sheets

Things that may come in handy for your Eclipse Phase game:


Though we aim for perfection, until the AIs come, we must admit to making mistakes. After the AIs come, it's their fault!
  • Core Rulebook Major Errata Version 1.4 (PDF), which just lists the major rules and setting fixes. These corrections are included in the fourth printing PDF and print release (June 2014).
  • Sunward Major Errata Version 1.2 (PDF), contains the corrections in the latest PDF version of Sunward and the 2nd Printing, and complete corrected pages for the Mobile Scientist and Synthmorph Activisit sample characters.
  • Gatecrashing Major Errata Version 1.2 (PDF), contains the corrections in the latest PDF version of Gatecrashing and the upcoming 2nd Printing.

Promotional Materials

Flyers, postcards, ads, wallpaper, and similar promotional items we've used to plug Eclipse Phase. Feel free to print these out and share them at your local FLGS or sci-fi/gaming con!

Game Tips

Advice, suggestions, plot hooks, and other freebies we've posted on our blog:


To help people take advantage of the Creative Commons license, here are a few toolkits:

Fan-Created Material and Websites

The Creative Commons license detailed above allows you to modify and remix Eclipse Phase material (as specified on the CC licensing page). Here is a collection of interesting and useful fan-created mods, mash-ups, and original material. Note that we both link to the fan sites when possible (so you can get the most up-to-date versions) and mirror the download here (possibly out-of-date) just in case:

Character Sheets and Player Tools:

GM Reference, Cheatsheets, and Rules Hacks

Book Formats

The Eye Fanzine
  • Issue #1: EP vs. Mass Effect, Interview with David Brin, swarmanoids, adventures, and more! (mirror)
  • Issue #2: Aquatic morphs, nanofab, heavy weapons, fiction, and more! (mirror)
  • Issue #3: New reputation rules, flexbot rules, psi, morphs, and then some. (mirror)
  • Issue #4: Dust to Dust scenario, plus articles on neo-avians and other uplifts. (mirror)

Apps and Software Tools


Source Material
Rules Conversions




Actual Play

Fan Websites

EP's Creators, Writers, Artists, and Publishing Partners

Aside from this website, there are a few ways to keep in touch with Posthuman Studios and the creators of Eclipse Phase:

Book Previews

Excerpts from upcoming Eclipse Phase books:

Delicious News and Links

An updated list of tech news and other interesting internet resources can be found on our bookmarking page. Links are tagged with different categories, organized on the right side of the page:

Transhumanism and Accelerating Technologies

Explore the science, politics, technology, and philosophies behind Eclipse Phase. Gamemasters might find these resources valuable in enhancing play and creating stories in the Eclipse Phase universe.

Politics and Economics

Eclipse Phase explores a number of political and economic models that are not widespread today, but which have potential in the future. These sites will provide you with more information on these ideas:

Sci-Fi Writers to Watch

Eclipse Phase borrows heavily from a genre of science fiction that is in turn influenced by several key writers. Here's how you can follow these authors and/or find out more about them and their work.