Eclipse Phase (and Shinobi Clans!) at Templecon, February 6-9 in Rhode Island

Templecon 2014 is only one of your Earth months away! My gaming group here in Bostonland is hard at work preparing for our favorite con of the year. We've been learning new board games to teach people; playtesting EP writer Nathaniel Dean's scenarios for his new game, Clockwork: Empire,; and of course working the bugs out of my latest scenario for Eclipse Phase.

This year, we're excited to also have EP writers Marc & Leah Huete along for the ride. Marc will be running several slots of EP, and Leah will be demoing our new card game, Shinobi Clans. Among other panels, Marc, Leah, & I will also be running an audience participation sci-fi worldbuilding workshop.

We're still not quite at the point where we're ready to vend at Templecon, but join us for some games if you're coming!

Gen Con Panels featuring Posthuman & Other Awesome Folks

We've organized four panels at Gen Con this year featuring Posthumans and our brilliant & convivial industry colleagues. We expect some interesting conversations; come check them out! (Click on the titles for Gen Con's official listings).

Sci-Fi RPG Designer Roundtable: Challenges in Crafting Original Settings & Systems

Friday, 11:00 - 12:00 pm
Crowne Plaza : Grand Central Bllrm A/B
What makes for a great SF RPG? How do designers find the right balance between scientific realism and fun gameplay? Which is better: space broccoli, space koalas, space octopi, or space business cards? Game designers Rob Boyle (Eclipse Phase, Shadowrun 4e), Epidiah Ravichol (Dread, Vast & Starlit), Jared Sorensen (FreeMarket, Schism), and Brennan Taylor (Bulldogs!) talk about the art & science of making kick-ass sci-fi games.

PAX East 2013

I'll be moderating two panels at PAX East this year.

At 10:30 am on Saturday, I'll be hosting a Sci-Fi Worldbuilding Workshop with my blogger buddies Caroline Willis & Andrew Linstrom. This one is audience participation: we provide some seeds for a world, and the participants split up into groups to flesh out various aspects of it. Come build an original SF world in an hour! The results will be posted on the Net and CC licensed for anyone to use. (Last year this filled up fast, and it's in a hard to find room -- so scope it out early if you want to come).

Eclipse Phase at PAX East: Update -- Saturday times!

PAX EastUpdate! Games on Saturday, 4/7 will be offered at 10 am and 6 pm! Please note that I will not be offering the 'Zeeland' mashup scenario mentioned previously -- problems getting the math to work right with EP combat.

I've arranged to run games with the Games on Demand group. Games on Demand matches GMs with players who want to play a game out of the repertoire the GM is offering. So, there isn't a fixed schedule. Show up on an even hour (with or without a group), ask for me as a GM, and you'll have a choice of the following four events (all a frantic two hours long!):

Eclipse Phase variant: THE JUSTIFIERS®

An Eclipse Phase variant game where splatterpunk superheroes try to fight evil when they're not on drugs or suffering from various personality disorders. A superhero RPG for people who kind of hate superheroes.

Eclipse Phase: Go Back in Time&Kill Hitler

The Posthuman Guide to Gen Con

Posthuman Studios looks forward to seeing you at Gen Con this week -- you can find us at booth #1249.

We'll have a complete selection of EP releases, including the brand new Panopticon and the recently reprinted core book. We'll also have EP t-shirts, posters, dice bags, and more! We also have a surprise (non-EP) release at the show -- those of you who are observant may already know what it is. We'll also be demoing a prototype card game at the booth, so stop in for a run-through!

We are running 20 EP games during the con. Though these are all sold out, you can always bring a generic ticket and see if someone doesn't show up, leaving a slot open. They're all being held in the Crowne Plaza, Conrail Station.

We're also hosting two seminars during the show:

Open Sources: Making Games More Free: A discussion of new publishing ideas in the games

Why the Origins Awards Still Matter

Eclipse Phase: Sunward is up for the Origins Award for Best RPG Supplement this weekend at the Origins game fair. We're up against some stiff competition this year. And yet based on some posts I've read in various online gaming communities over the last few years, there are probably people out there asking, "So what?"

There's a perception that because the Origins game fair has declined in attendance since its heyday, the awards presented there are somehow less momentous than others in the gaming community. And then there's the fact that some important publishers in the industry have skipped submitting their products in recent years.

I'm not personally obsessed with winning awards. I write because I love doing it. However, for better or worse, awards are a boon to us in terms of keeping the business end going. So here's why I think Origins still matters:

Eclipse Phase at Origins

For those folks attending Origins this year, if you're looking for Eclipse Phase stuff you can find it at the Indie Press Revolution booth: #807.

Please also take a moment to vote for Sunward for Best Roleplaying Supplement for the Origins Awards while you're at the show! We're up against some stiff competition and can use all the votes we can get.

GMs: Posthuman Studios Needs You (or your fork!)

Calling all Eclipse Phase players and supporters—we need your help!

If you have ever game mastered an Eclipse Phase game you may be able to help us out. We have three major events coming up where we’d like the help of our GMs.

Gen Con
First we need GMs for Gen Con (August 4-7, Indianapolis, Indiana). This means that if you are going to Gen Con and would be interested in helping us out by running games please email Brian Cross, who’s coordinating our convention presence, at as soon as possible. For Gen Con we have already committed to running 20 games, a significant increase over last year. And Gen Con is really a place where we’d like to show off Eclipse Phase and provide an excellent experience for people who are new to the game.


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