Gen Con 2016 for Posthuman Studios & Eclipse Phase!

Gen Con is this week! This year we're at booth 459, and there's no time to waste, so let's tell you about the show!

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New Eclipse Phase Titles

Our latest titles, X-Risks, Transhumanity's Fate, and After the Fall will all be available for sale at the booth! And you'll be able to walk away from the booth with a new Eclipse Phase t-shirt and carrying our limited run Octobag of Holdings!


Games at the Booth!

We'll be demoing Shinobi Clans all day at the booth, including Beat the Designer games against Jürgen Mayer at 2PM each day!

There will be 90-minute in-booth demos for new Eclipse Phase players, using both core Eclipse Phase rules and Transhumanity's Fate. Those demos will start at Noon and 4PM, and we'll have signup sheets at the booth!

If you have friends who have yet to play Eclipse Phase, these demos are a good chance for them to get their first taste!


Listen to us talk at the following times:

What's up with Posthuman & Eclipse Phase? — Saturday, 2-3PM, Crowne Plaza, Grand Central Ballroom A — The Posthuman crew talks about the coming year, our Eclipse Phase announcements, and more. Bring your questions! We might even ask about your characters!

How to Be a Successful Publisher on DriveThruRPG
— Sunday, 1PM-2PM, Westin, room Council — Learn how to become a DriveThruRPG publisher, & get tips and advice from DriveThru staff & some of our most successful publishers. Adam Jury from Posthuman Studios will be one of the panel members!

Reliquary Game Studios

This year we are selling the Clockwork: Dominion roleplaying game and accessories from our friends at Reliquary Game Studios!

Help us run more Eclipse Phase games!

Our Eclipse Phase games are sold out, again. Every year, we have players ask us — "Can you add more Eclipse Phase games to the schedule?" — and the simple answer is that to do that, we need more people willing to run those games at the convention. If you attend Gen Con and want to run games for us, please stop by the booth and say hi! We'll give you the right contact info, and in the spring when we start making the schedule, we'll be in touch.

We pay all of our GMs and give them some swag, too. Plus you'll be the first to run some of our upcoming adventures!

See You at Gen Con!


We're at booth 459, looking forward to seeing you!