The electronic version of X-Risks is now available!

X-Risks is a sourcebook and creature catalog for Eclipse Phase. It details the dangers facing transhumanity:

  • Over 60 creature and machine descriptions, classified by challenge level.
  • Information on extinction threats, from AIs and aliens to nanoplagues and wormholes.
  • Coverage of the TITANs, exhumans, exsurgent virus, Factors, and other hostiles.
  • New exsurgent virus strains, psi sleights, and xenofungi.
  • Traps for high-tech dungeon crawls.

We'll announce a street date for the print version when it's confirmed. The book is currently at the printers.


We are also releasing the X-Risks Hack Pack, which includes 60 pieces of creature and machine threat art and 22 pieces of art from the rest of the book in 150 DPI PNG format.

Finally we have three new Eclipse Phase audio tracks from Scott Fox (iVardensphere) to accompany the X-Risks release: Hunter Killer, Fractal, and Seconds Before The Fall.

Get all of today's releases in the convenient X-Risks PDF + Hack Pack + Music bundle, or check out the other Eclipse Phase bundles:

Discussion Thread

Once you've checked out X-Risks, head over to our forums and the discussion thread for it!