Lars Blumenstein Bio

Eclipse Phase Contributor Bio
Real Name: Lars Blumenstein
Firewall Codename: LabRat
Eclipse Phase Background Equivalency: Hyperelite Argonaut

Previous Experience: Numerous Shadowrun titles in both German and English

About Me: I’d classify myself as an open-minded futurist scientophile in both passion and profession. I hold a PhD in biochemistry (biophysics and bioanalytics background) and currently work in the pharma biz. I have been a regular RPG freelancer for about 7 years now, and before that I wrote fan fiction for German-based RPGs (I am German, btw). I am also a caffeine addict (who isn’t?) and a media junkie (news feeds, books, movies/series, i-net, RPGs) when I get the time, though work, freelance writing, social life, and GF have diminished that in recent months.

Transhumanist Interests: I am interested in the posthuman angle like self-evolution and genetic redesign of mankind (augmentations, genetic engineering).

Eclipse Phase Contributions: I wrote the first version of the Psi section (expect the unexpected), the Mesh chapter (the omnipresent infosphere), part of the Gear chapter, and some of the material on the mysterious Factors, the only known alien (and I mean it) xenobiological species in EP so far.

Favorite Thing About Eclipse Phase: What I like most about EP besides the setting and versatile take on character play (“Death is just an Option,” gendernauting, and body-hopping) is seeing the game continuously evolve from the basic concepts and rules mechanics with which we started.