Rob Boyle Bio

Eclipse Phase Contributor Bio
Real Name: Rob Boyle
Firewall Codename: Sprite
Eclipse Phase Background Equivalency: Original Space Colonist / Anarchist

Previous Experience: Shadowrun, Fourth Edition, and numerous other Shadowrun and other game titles (full list here)

About Me: I’m a dad and game designer by day and a powernoise DJ, martial arts teacher, and dodgeball player by night. I have worked in the tabletop RPG industry as a writer, editor, and developer for over ten years now. I have been employed by FASA and FanPro and freelance for Catalyst Game Labs and other companies. I co-founded Posthuman Studios as a creator-owned enterprise. I consider myself an anarchist and transhumanist and have spent many years agitating for social change.

Transhumanist Interests: I look towards accelerating technologies as a means of empowering people, instigating radical social upheaval, and countering oppression, injustice, and control. I plan to live forever, and I plan to have fun doing it.

Eclipse Phase Contributions: I co-created the Eclipse Phase concept with Brian Cross and have overseen the entire project as lead developer. I’ve had my hands in all parts of the book, especially Game Concepts and Character Creation.

Favorite Thing About Eclipse Phase: That it portrays a future that is simultaneously cautious but hopeful. The post-apocalyptic flavor and existential risks emphasize that transhumanity walks on a cliff’s edge, but defeating death, creating new social models, exploring space, and other aspects of the game show that the future is still full of possibilities.