Tobias Wolter Bio

Real Name: Tobias Wolter
Firewall Codename: Concrete
Eclipse Phase Background Equivalency: Scum Barge Vagabond
Previous Experience: Several Shadowrun titles in both English and German

About Me: A long time Shadowrun enthusiast, I started freelancing about six years ago, and haven’t gotten that bug out of my system yet. In real life, you could call me a wageslave/indentured hypercorp drone focusing on Logistics and Supply Chain management (global, not interplanetary—yet).

Transhuman Interests: While the technological aspects are essential to transhumanism, I find myself more intrigued by the question of how do (trans)humans retain their "humanity?" In the face of a technology curve spun out of control, triggering massive (and potentially devastating) changes on political, social, economic and environmental levels, how would our image and definition of "humanity" change?

Contribution to Eclipse Phase: I did the write ups on the various factions as part of the main setting section.

Favorite thing about Eclipse Phase: As a late addition to this project, I was immediately intrigued by the setting’s fascinating blend of futuristic political and economic models, their diversity reflected in the many factions and their often conflicting agendas. The strong undercurrent of the evolution of politics and society in general, aside from advanced technology, beam weapons, cortical stacks, and alien lifeforms are what set Eclipse Phase apart from any other sci-fi games I’ve ever encountered.