GenCon, Interviews, and Reviews

Just a reminder for folks that we posted our schedule of Eclipse Phase events at GenCon two weeks ago. So if you're headed to GenCon, sign up for a game or stop by the Catalyst Game Labs booth (#803) for a demo! You can also just come by and ask questions or pick up some other info on the game.

If there are any podcasters or other gaming news journalists out there that want to talk to us at GenCon, be sure to get in touch.

Also, we're on the lookout for reviewers, so if you're interested in reviewing EP for a website or publication when it comes out, drop us a line.

For those of you looking for some night time activities during GenCon, I'll be spinning industrial noise at an afterparty Saturday night (I'm told my set will be midnight to 1:30am), and the same folks putting this on have events Thursday and Friday too:

Finally, if you haven't seen it yet, there's a GenCon app for the iphone.

Obviously, we'll be away for the rest of the week, and while I hope to make some updates during the con, we'll all be for the most part busy until the middle of next week.