Eclipse Phase Character Sheet Package

If you want to make your own Eclipse Phase character sheets based on our design (or if you want to totally hack it but want a starting point), we've made available the Adobe InDesign [compatible with CS3 and hopefully CS2] and Photoshop files for you to do so! Due to legal reasons we can't provide the fonts/typefaces we use, so these versions of the sheets use, wait for it ... Helvetica! You're going to want to fix THAT right away, aren't you?

When you create new sheets, please email them to so we can check them out!

Here's the link to the zip file containing all the docs you need: -- the files in here are Creative Commons licensed, just like the book, so please follow the distribution rules on our Creative Commons License page!

And for those of you aren't designers but want some more goodies, here's a simple two-up Morph Record Sheet, for recording the details of all those extra morphs you have: