General Update

Things have been a been quiet around here lately, as we've been a bit busy, so I thought now might be a good time to provide a general update on a few fronts.

First off, the previous weekend I had the pleasure of going to Paris and attending the Monde du Jeu convention, which I believe is the biggest gaming convention in France. Black Book Editions was celebrating the 20th anniversary of Shadowrun, so I had the opportunity to talk to French fans about that game, give some interviews, and meet a lot of fun and interesting people. I also talked up Eclipse Phase of course, selling some French players on the game, though I was quite pleased to talk to a number of gamers who had already seen the PDF, were familiar with it, and were looking forward to the hardcopy. It looks like Black Book Editions will be licensing and translating EP into French, which is fantastic. The Black Book folks were also excellent hosts and it was a pleasure to spend some time with them. Thanks guys!

Back here, we've made some recent changes to this website as many of you already noticed. A lot of the wonkiness with the forums has been fixed and we've added some new features that we saw a need or demand for. A big thanks goes out to Bastlynn for taking that task on!

On the development front, we've had some delays getting the last few pieces of artwork we needed to get the EP Quick Start Rules finished, but sketches are in now so we hope to have that soon (it's already laid out). I'm hoping to see layout proofs for the EP Gamemaster Screen and adventure booklet here soon as well. Our first sourcebook, Sunward, is also now in layout, with artwork being assigned. We'll be editing Gatecrashing over the next few weeks, and the remaining chapters of the book after that will also be assigned soon.

All of this travel and work has unfortunately meant that I've fallen behind with the forums, but I plan to catch up this week. I'm also working on finalizing the first set of errata for the core book.

In other news, Catalyst Game Labs announced the launch of its new alpha RED program -- Retailer Electronic Delivery -- for selling PDFs through local game store retailers. Though it's only available through a select few retailers at this time, Catalyst hopes to expand that list so you can purchase PDFs when you buy hardcopies of our books at your FLGS.

That's it for now, though I hope to have some more news and previews later this week!