Eclipse Phase Quick-Start Rules!

At long last, we present to you the Eclipse Phase Quick-Start Rules!

In This Game, Death Is Optional

These Quick-Start Rules provide everything new players need to dive right into a game of Eclipse Phase. It includes a primer to the game’s transhuman setting, where future technologies allow people to digitally back up their minds and download into new bodies. A stripped-down version of the core rules cover the basic mechanics.

These Quick-Start Rules also come with a starting adventure, Mission: Mind the WMD, that puts the characters on a mission for the secretive Firewall organization to protect transhumanity from a potential deadly threat. Four starting characters are provided, with backgrounds and roleplaying tips, so players can jump right into the action.

The PDF is constructed with layers, so you can drop out the background and other elements for printing and whatnot.

Download the Eclipse Phase Quick-Start Rules