Update and Call for Errata

Just a quick update: The EP Gamemaster Pack is off to the printers! As usual, we won't announce a street date until it's confirmed, but expect it to be a couple of months. We'll make it available for pre-order a bit beforehand. The PDF version of the screen and accompanying adventure will be available before the print release too.

In other news, the first print run of the EP core rulebook has nearly sold through, which means we'll be taking it in for a reprint soon. Thanks to everyone for the fantastic support and making this game a success!

We'll be updating the second printing with errata, of course (which will also be incorporated into a new version of the core book PDF), so we're putting out a last call for errata items here. If you've found something that needs to be fixed, post it in our errata thread by the end of this week (Friday January 22nd). We'll be going through these and compiling changes as necessary.