Eclipse Phase PDF "Catalyst/BattleShop Amnesty Program"

If you have purchased a PDF version of any Eclipse Phase title from Catalyst Game Labs’ BattleShop, please be aware that they are no longer selling our PDFs, nor are they able to provide updates to them.

Therefore: We want to hook you up with an updated (and future-updated!) copy with our electronic partners, OneBookShelf (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow), free of charge, with as little hassle as possible. We just updated the PDFs within the last 48 hours, adding layers to the core book PDF and to some of the PDFs in the GM Screen packages as well. We want you to have these PDFs!

To claim your copy: Email us at with a copy of your BattleShop receipt for the PDFs/combos in question. If you didn’t save the email receipt, you can log into the BattleShop and then visit the following the URL: -- at this point, click on the “View” button for the specific Eclipse Phase-related orders. You can either use the “Save As” function of your browser and email us the HTML file, take a screenshot and send us that, or cut and paste the relevant bits (Order number, product name) into the email. We’re flexible: all we want to know is that you made the purchase. If you already have an account on DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, please let us know which email address you use for that account so we can send your coupon to the right address (it will be easiest if you email us FROM that address, please!)

You qualify for this offer if you purchased:

  • Eclipse Phase PDF
  • Eclipse Phase PDF and Print Combo
  • Eclipse Phase Gamemaster Screen/Glory PDF
  • Eclipse Phase Gamemaster Screen/Glory PDF Hack Pack

We will: Send you a 100% off coupon for the exact titles you bought. These coupons will be manually processed by us, so please allow 48-72 hours for that (I'll actually be travelling from May 10th to the 17th, but I should be online regularly.)