Eclipse Phase Reprint Shipping!

Posthuman Studios is pleased to announce that the reprint of Eclipse Phase is working its way into game stores and chain bookstores. We are working with our new publishing partners, Sandstorm Productions, to get more product to you as soon as possible! We are following up the Eclipse Phase core book reprint with the Eclipse Phase Gamemaster Pack, and later this summer you'll see Sunward: The Inner System, our first sourcebook.

Eclipse Phase has garnered great reviews, critical praise, and fired up the imagination of all who have read it. Demand has been high since it went out of stock earlier this year, and we are very excited to make it available again -- but this is not the "second printing" we thought would happen. Without going into gory details, instead of the second printing with corrections coming off the presses ... an exact duplicate of the first printing was produced by our previous publisher. We didn't learn of this until after all the books were printed and shipping to the USA.

We regret this situation -- we always want to improve our books with each printing -- but we know that Eclipse Phase is a strong game and the first printing of the core rulebook was very solid. Please give your local store a call (or an email, or a facebook message however you talk to your store, do it!) and let them know it's back in stock! Eclipse Phase's stock number is PS+21000, and retailers can order it from Alliance, ACD or other great distributors.