Three new Electronic Eclipse Phase Releases Coming July 28th!

Posthuman Studios has three kick-ass Eclipse Phase titles coming your way as PDFs on Wednesday, July 28th: NPC File 1: Prime, the highly-anticipated Sunward: The Inner System, and the Sunward Hack Pack!

NPC File 1: Prime

An electronic exclusive, NPC File 1: Prime presents over thirty original NPCs and some additional variants with a description and full stats; ready for use as opposition or player characters.

Two files are included: One with all the NPCs in a typical layout format, and a second with half-page character sheets for each NPC.

NPC File 1: Prime will be $5 and is Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) licensed.

Sunward: The Inner System

Eight days before its debut at Gen Con (yes, there will be a Sunward ... well, many Sunwards ... at Gen Con!), you'll be able to get your hands on the electronic version of Sunward!

Sunward details the inner part of the solar system:

  • Can you take the heat? Find out on Mercury, the Vulcanoids, or dive into the sun's corona with the Solarians
  • A new star is rising on Venus, join in the intrigue as the Morningstar Constellation maneuvers for influence.
  • Return to the cradle of transhumanity and explore the blasted, but not quite abandoned, ruins of Earth.
  • Keepers of many of our cultural traditions, the Lunar-Lagrange Alliance stands watch over our shattered homeworld.
  • A red storm is rising on Mars as the traditional masters of the red planet face an upswell of Barsoomian patriotism.
  • The silent masters of the inner system, the Planetary Consortium, reach out to touch all with a velvet glove.
  • Plus new Morphs, gear, and sample characters.

Sunward will be a 192 page PDF (with layers, a hyperlinked Table of Contents, a hyperlinked index, and internal hyperlinks) and will sell for $10. Sunward is Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) licensed.

Sunward Hack Pack

The Sunward Hack Pack includes the Sunward PDF and the following:

  • Sunward Cover art and chapter-opening artwork as 150DPI images.
  • Print-friendlier version of the Inner System Map, and Adobe Illustrator files for the original and modified map.

All you need to make your own contribution to the Inner System—Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) licensed!

Enjoy these new releases from Eclipse Phase, the Origins Award-winning and ENnie-nominated RPG of transhuman conspiracy and horror. Join us as we take the next bold steps into expanding the Eclipse Phase universe, continuing our journey outward into our dark future.