PAX Events

We're ten days out from the start of PAX Prime in Seattle and I figured I'd drop a little info for those who are attending. We will be with Sandstorm at the following location:

Room Number:
212 (2nd floor by escalators)

Washington State Convention&Trade Center

Convention Place

WA 98101

Floor plan can be found here

We will be selling EP Core, the GM Screen and Sunward and I'll have some of the stuff we had at Gencon including the Octomorph posters for sale and buttons to give away.

The room will be open from 10am until midnight Friday and Saturday and 10am to 6pm on Sunday.
 I'll be running games (or my GM helper monkey will) at the following times:
Friday - 11 AM&4 PM
Saturday - 11 AM&4 PM
Sunday - 11 AM
(6 players per game; may take up to 8 players, the games should take about 4 hours)

If you want to reserve a spot post in this thread. I know that we're already starting to fill up some of the games.
Also if anyone wants to see any of the specific scenarios I haven't 100% decided which ones I'll be running so this is your last chance to make a request.

When not running games I'll also be answering any questions people have or demoing the game for people who don't want to sit down for a whole 4 hour session.

Any other questions shoot em at me here and I'll tackle them.