Breaking Up Is The Best Thing

We are changing how we handle one of our electronic releases: The Gamemaster Pack (GM Screen + Glory). Originally, you bought both of these components together, for $10, or $15 for the Hack Pack version. Now, they have been split apart so you can buy just one "half" of the Gamemaster's Pack.

If you have already bought the Gamemaster Pack, you don't have any reason to buy these new versions; this is a packaging change, not a content change. If we update the content in the GM Screen or Glory in the future, you will still get your free updates.

It makes a lot of sense to bundle a GM Screen with an adventure (or other GM-centric material) in print. It's really difficult to sell small adventures (as Glory is, at 24 pages) through retail. The low price point combined with the lack of durability makes these books riskier and less profitable for retailers. Bundling an adventure with a GM Screen is the accepted "sneaky but not really" method of publishing a small adventure in a format that game stores will happily sell.

That sort of bundling isn't necessary in the digital sphere, though. Glory and the GM Screen do work together, but they are perfectly functional as standalone items. And obviously, there are some people who don't need one half of the package -- so they don't buy any of it. It's a toss-up: do we do a bundle and ensure $10 per sale, or unbundle them and hope that additional sales make for similar or greater profits?

We think that gamers will be better served by splitting the Gamemaster's Pack into three electronic offerings:

Two bundles are also available, which replicate the way the GM Pack was originally sold: