Gatecrashing Previews, Price Change, and PDF Street Date

We are pleased to announce that Gatecrashing, our next print Eclipse Phase title, is at the printers and all things are going well. Gatecrashing is slightly bigger than Sunward, clocking in at 200 full-color pages.

We aren't quite ready to announce the Street Date yet, as the holiday season is well-known to play havoc with printing and shipping schedules.

Gatecrashing Cover

But before we get to the fun stuff of the next preview, we do have an important announcement, one that is less fun but necessary: Gatecrashing is going to cost $44.99 in print. Eclipse Phase titles are expensive to create and print, and to keep using the writers, artists, editors, and developers that have pushed Eclipse Phase to the quality it is at—both from a production and content point of view—we cannot sustain our titles at the previous price point.

We are choosing to tell you about this price raise now, more than a month before the book is available, so it doesn't come as a surprise when you pick the book off the shelf of your local store. This information is still propogating through distribution systems, so you will probably still see the previous price in some listings!

And now ... here's your first look at the Fissure Gate from Gatecrashing!

Enjoy, see you next Wednesday the 15th for the next preview, and the Wednesday after that, the Gatecrashing PDF goes on sale!