Eclipse Phase Third Printing Update and El Destino Verde!

It's a busy day at Posthuman headquarters as we have two releases—and one of them is the latest version of the Eclipse Phase core rulebook, to coincide with the upcoming third printing. There are some slight rules tweaks, some visual touchups, new pieces of art, and the PDF itself is improved with many hyperlinks and layers, so you can create your own print-friendly version on the fly. Eclipse Phase at!

The third printing of Eclipse Phase is at the printers, and we will announce a street date for it when the books are in our warehouse and on their way to game retailers. If you are a retailer, we'll be providing you with some cool news about the reprint very soon!

Eclipse Phase first edition cover

We're also pleased to release the introductory fiction from the upcoming sourcebook Panopticon, El Destino Verde, by Jack Graham! It's the first installment in an ongoing story.

El Destino Verde cover

Enjoy the updated and new releases!