The Posthuman Guide to Gen Con

Posthuman Studios looks forward to seeing you at Gen Con this week -- you can find us at booth #1249.

We'll have a complete selection of EP releases, including the brand new Panopticon and the recently reprinted core book. We'll also have EP t-shirts, posters, dice bags, and more! We also have a surprise (non-EP) release at the show -- those of you who are observant may already know what it is. We'll also be demoing a prototype card game at the booth, so stop in for a run-through!

We are running 20 EP games during the con. Though these are all sold out, you can always bring a generic ticket and see if someone doesn't show up, leaving a slot open. They're all being held in the Crowne Plaza, Conrail Station.

We're also hosting two seminars during the show:

Open Sources: Making Games More Free: A discussion of new publishing ideas in the games industry that emphasize access and sharing of games. Come and join in the dialogue. Friday, 3pm, at the Marriott, Santa Fe room.
What's Up with Eclipse Phase and Posthuman Studios: Come check out what's new and exciting with Eclipse Phase and Posthuman Studios this year, and what we have planned for the future! Saturday, 3pm, at the Marriott, Indiana Ballroom F.

On the nightlife side, EP developer Rob Boyle -- aka DJ Sprite -- will be spinning at the Gen Con afterparty Friday at the Ugly Monkey.

Finally, we recommend you check out these excellent con-going tips from Adam Jury.

Gen Con is a very exciting event for us. It's a show filled with our growth, expansion, independence, perseverance, and a boatload of stress. We are looking forward to seeing our fans and friends and showing you our new cool stuff!