Panopticon Street Date Announced, Preview #2, and Three Electronic Releases Tomorrow!

Posthuman Studios is pleased to announce that we will be releasing three electronic projects on Wednesday, August 17th, and that our upcoming print book Panopticon has a street date of August 31st!


You already know that Panopticon covers Surveillance, Habitats, and Uplifts! You've already checked out the Table of Contents; now have a peek at the Surveillance chapter before the full PDF becomes available for $10 on Wednesday!

Panopticon Cover

Panopticon Hack Pack

The Panopticon Hack Pack inclues 150DPI versions of twenty-seven pieces of artwork from Panopticon, and an Adobe Illustrator version of the "Humans Only" sign. The Hack Pack is $5, and is available bundled with the PDF version for $15.

Eclipse Phase Core Hack Pack

We didn't release a Hack Pack when we initially released the core rulebook for Eclipse Phase, and it's time to fix that! For $10, you get all of the sample character illustrations from the core rulebook, all of the chapter-opening artwork, and more! Of course, if you don't already own the Eclipse Phase PDF yet, you can grab it and the Hack Pack in a convenient bundle as well.

See you tomorrow!