Coming for Eclipse Phase: The Stars Our Destination

Posthuman Studios is happy to announce that our next electronic sourcebook for Eclipse Phase, The Stars Our Destination, will be available for sale on Monday, November 7th at 2PM EST (9PM GMT).

Written by Eclipse Phase co-creator Brian Cross, The Stars Our Destination details a prominent scum swarm in the Eclipse Phase setting. Gamemasters will find a useful nomadic setting complete with ship descriptions, NPCs, and plot hooks. Players will find a handy background for their scum characters as well as more details and information on how this faction lives and operates.

Get to know characters like Barking Dog, ships named Three Sheets to the Wind and Abstinence Only, and interact with members of over a half-dozen factions that occupy The Stars!

The Stars Our Destination Cover

The Stars Our Destination will be 18 pages, available in both portrait and landscape-oriented PDFs, and priced at only $5.