The Stars Our Destination now in print!

The Stars Our Destination is now available in Print on Demand via DriveThruRPG! The PDF version of this Scum Swarm setting was well-received but a print version was clamored for, so we've made it available! You can buy the PDF for $5, the print version for $10, and a bundle of both for $12!

If you previously bought the PDF version and want to upgrade to the bundle at a discounted price, you should have already received a coupon in your email, if you subscribe to "product update" emails on DriveThruRPG. If you don't, please send an email to and we'll hook you up with that coupon!

Written by Eclipse Phaseem> co-creator Brian Cross, The Stars Our Destination details a prominent scum swarm in the Eclipse Phase setting. Gamemasters will find a useful nomadic setting complete with ship descriptions, NPCs, and plot hooks. Players will find a handy background for their scum characters as well as more details and information on how this faction lives and operates.

The Stars Our Destination Cover