Eclipse Phase in French Out This Week!

The long-awaited French translation of Eclipse Phase is out this week in France, courtesy of Black Book Editions! The standard books will be in stores and available for order via Black Book's site on Thursday. A slip-cased limited run collector's edition is also coming out, and Black Book tells us they still have some copies of that available for order. (The pic just shows the book; we don't have a pic of the final slip case just yet.)

This is the first translation of Eclipse Phase into another language (translation is currently underway to translate EP into Japanese via Arclight and Polish via Galmadrin), and we're excited to check it out. Both Sunward and the EP Gamemaster Pack are going through translation into French now. Major thanks go out to the Black Book crew for making it happen, as well as all the French fans that provided translation feedback! You can order the French translation of Eclipse Phase here.