Transhuman Open Playtest and Kickstarter!

We have two major announcements regarding Transhuman, our upcoming Player's Guide for Eclipse Phase. First off, we had previously said that Transhuman material will be subject to an open playtest, and that open playtest starts today!

We have created the Transhuman Playtest section on our forums, and the first material available for playtesting -- part of the Traits chapter -- is already posted! Everyone is free to participate in the playtest, all it takes is an account on our forums and some of your time and effort towards polishing Transhuman!

Each chapter also has specific questions from us. Please read the chapter with the eye towards answering those questions. There are two threads in the Transhuman Playtest Forum for each chapter -- one for answering those questions, and another for all other discussion about that chapter.

Beyond that, we are announcing that we will be using Kickstarter to fund the production of Transhuman. Our Kickstarter campaign will go live early in April, and we have some great rewards lined up to help make Transhuman a smash success. We'll be posting more news about it very soon!