The Final Countdown!

There are just under eight hours left in the Transhuman Kickstarter campaign. We have smashed through every stretch goal, unlocked great stuff, and set about a course for a very busy remainder of 2013!

We have a few housekeeping notes before the campaign ends:

Stretch Goals

If we hit $120,000, every freelancer who works on any of the unlocked stretch goals is going to get a 15% bonus, and, every freelancer who works on our upcoming book Firewall will get the same 15% bonus.

Transhuman Open Playtest

We added the second draft of the Packs Character Generation system to the Open Playtest, along with the first public draft of the Life Path Character Generation system. You can check them both out here:

Thank You

We have plenty of people to thank, most notably all of the backers. 1767 as I write this. Thank you. This is your fault. 🙂

Before the campaign ends, we'd specifically like to thank some others for their help:

  • Davidson Cole for video work.
  • Monte Cook for a generous consulting session at Dragon*Con. He didn't even make me buy him lunch!
  • Fred Hicks and Chris Hanrahan at Evil Hat for speedy work on getting us Powered By Fate!
  • Marisa Castengera for proofreading and reality-checking.
  • Sarah Hood for keeping the website up and running when I did silly things to break it.
  • Eclipse Phase freelancers for working hard behind the scenes on whipping Transhuman into shape.
  • Everyone who shared and talked about the Kickstarter -- too many to name!
  • All the stores that backed at the Vendor level and support every Eclipse Phase release!
  • Everyone that's been contributing to the Transhuman Open Playtest
  • You, if we're forgetting you!

One last push -- please share this update with your friends and back Transhuman if you haven't yet! The last few days have been amazing, thank you so much!