Eclipse Phase (and Shinobi Clans!) at Templecon, February 6-9 in Rhode Island

Templecon 2014 is only one of your Earth months away! My gaming group here in Bostonland is hard at work preparing for our favorite con of the year. We've been learning new board games to teach people; playtesting EP writer Nathaniel Dean's scenarios for his new game, Clockwork: Empire,; and of course working the bugs out of my latest scenario for Eclipse Phase.

This year, we're excited to also have EP writers Marc & Leah Huete along for the ride. Marc will be running several slots of EP, and Leah will be demoing our new card game, Shinobi Clans. Among other panels, Marc, Leah, & I will also be running an audience participation sci-fi worldbuilding workshop.

We're still not quite at the point where we're ready to vend at Templecon, but join us for some games if you're coming!