Awesome Stuff We’ve Been Up To In March

As March draws to a close, an update, forsooth!

[i]The Devotees,[/i] the first stretch goal PDF from our Kickstarter, should be in backer hands soon, and available to non-backers not long thereafter. This scenario came in at double the length budgeted for in the Kickstarter, so backers who've been eagerly awaiting it won't be disappointed.

The next PDFs after that will be [i]Zone Stalkers,[/i] a sourcebook about missions into the TITAN Quarantine Zone on Mars, followed by [i]Million Year Echo,[/i] a scenario set in the TQZ.

In other news, our new card game, Shinobi Clans, is off to press, and we're now hard at work on the [i]Morph Recognition Guide[/i] and cards, and our next hardback, [i]Firewall[/i].

As those who've been following the forums already know, we've wrapped up the beta test for Singularity, our chargen software. The major bugs in the software have been fixed, and we're now in the process of working as many of your requests for new features as we can into the first production release.

We'll announce street dates on all of the above in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Finally, work continues on the Fate conversion. We're gearing up to begin internal playtesting, but we've got some months to go until we're ready to announce release of the book. That said, we will be running one Fate event at Gen Con this year. Fate fans, be sure to look for it when Gen Con event pre-reg opens.