April: Not So Cruel at PS+

Here's a quick update on what the Posthumans have been up to over the last month.

The big news for April was the release of The Devotees, the longest scenario we've released to date for Eclipse Phase. Caleb Stokes took on some of the darkest subject matter in EP -- the trade in stolen egos -- and built a densely twisting story of x-risks and gangland double-crossing. The scenario features art by Andy Wright, Nathan Geppert, and Mark Molnar. And this book was my first outing as a developer (although Rob did jump in & save my potatoes a few times).

If you didn't back our Kickstarter last year, you can get print and PDF copies of Devotees at Drivethru RPG. As usual, it's Creative Commons licensed, so there's probably a torrent somewhere out there, too.

Work continues on Firewall, the Morph Recognition Guide, Singularity, and other backer rewards. Work also continues on the Fate Conversion Guide, which we expect to playtest in the coming months.

We've fixed all of the major bugs reported on the forums in Singularity and are currently in the process of entering all of the gear/morph/etc. data from other books. We don't have a definitive date for the first production release yet, but we're definitely in the home stretch.

Finally, we can confirm that our next book will be Zone Stalkers, a GM-oriented supplement about the TITAN Quarantine Zone on Mars. Zone Stalkers is not a scenario, but more of an encounter cookbook for GMs using the Zone in their adventures. It covers many of the situational risks of missions into the Zone, from sneaking past the Martian Ranger cordons that patrol its edges, to surviving environmental hazards, to dealing with its denizens. Monsters, gear, locations, and adventure hooks give GMs all they need to use this setting as a backdrop for missions. We're not ready to publicize a street date yet, but expect one soon!