Posthuman Studios at Gen Con 2014!

Gen Con. The Best Four Days in Gaming. Approaching at breakneck speed.

What's up with Posthuman Studios at Gen Con?

First up, not gonna sugar-coat it: Our booth is wayyyy in the back of the Exhibit Hall. Again. We're booth #559, as seen on the map below! We're worth the trip!

The Booth

We have a bigger booth this year, and a bunch of new signage and all that exciting stuff. We'll be looking better than ever, and that's not even counting how well some of us are aging.

Shinobi Clans

Our new card game debuts at Gen Con. We'll be running demos all day long at the booth, in addition to Game with the Designer games at 3PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (sold out!), and also demos in Hall D (Green), at tables 7 and 8 from 10AM to 3PM on Sunday.

The full rules for Shinobi Clans are already available for download, and we'll have copies of the game available for sale.

As a ruthless and cunning shinobi clan master, you lead your team of ninjas on missions that decide between life and death for dangerous ronin, noble daimyos, and powerful shoguns. Recruit the most skilled assassins, arm them with the deadliest weapons, and devise plans that will outwit your rivals on your way to becoming the most feared and prosperous ninja clan of them all!

We're incredibly excited to launch Shinobi Clans with designer Jürgen Mayer, so please stop by and check it out!

Eclipse Phase: Morph Recognition Guide

Our latest Eclipse Phase hardcover, Morph Recognition Guide, should also be available. It's the only major item for the convention that's still in transit as of Saturday afternoon; we'll update this post as we know more information.

Morph Recognition Guide:

  • Includes every Eclipse Phase morph—the most essential gear for every character
  • Morph-related rules compilation
  • New artwork and size comparisons
  • Compiled tables and quick reference material

Eclipse Phase: Sample Character Cardstock Sheets

We're debuting a new accessory, 8x10" cardstock sheets containing the sample characters from the core rulebook, Sunward, and Transhuman. These are ideal for pickup, demo games, or being used as NPCs in your campaigns.

Eclipse Phase: Art Prints

After many requests, we're rolling out high-quality art prints of several pieces of Eclipse Phase art; including the core rulebook cover, Sunward cover, the ever-popular Octomorph, two different takes on Flexbots, and more!

The cover art is available in jaw dropping 24x8" pieces, and all others is 11x17 and A4 formats.

Eclipse Phase: Fourth Printing, Zone Stalkers, and The Devotees

All of these recent releases will be at the show in quantity, as well!

Eclipse Phase: Gaming!

All our scheduled games are fully sold out. Hooray! Please talk to us if you want to volunteer to GM Eclipse Phase at Gen Con 2015 so we can add more games to the schedule next year!

We will also be running short Eclipse Phase demos for new players at our booth, each afternoon, starting at 1PM. Signups will be taken starting when the hall opens.

Seminars and Other Talking

Our What's up with Posthuman & Eclipse Phase? seminar is Saturday, 3PM, in Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania Station A. Join Rob, Jack, and Adam to hear our year in summary, news about upcoming releases, and maybe an announcement about something new!

Jack Graham is again part of The Campaign Doctors, Friday, 1PM, Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania Station B

Game designers Luke Crane, Jack Graham, Tracy Hurley, Caleb Stokes, & Amanda Valentine solve your home campaign woes. Bring your questions; the Campaign Doctors will tell you the awful truth!

Rob Boyle speaks on Money is the Root of all Fun: Economics in Games panel, Friday, 3PM, Crowne Plaza, Grand Central A/B.

Designers can talk forever about economies of narrative control and the finances of the RPG industry, but what about the economic structure of your setting? Most RPGs largely ignore the topic, but the basic tenets of economic theory are a great way to immerse players in a story and create conflict. A materialist outlook can make any setting unique and generate numerous plot hooks. This panel is here to show you how. Rob Boyle, Ross Payton, and Caleb Stokes will discuss using economics to engage players.

Adam Jury talks business at Kickstarter 101 on Saturday, 4PM, Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania Station C.

Want to learn to run Kickstarters? Join veterans Adam Jury, Eloy Lasanta, Mark Diaz Truman, Monica Valentinelli to talk about getting started with crowdfunding roleplaying games.

And finally, Ryan Macklin will be at our booth at Saturday, 4PM to answer questions you may have about the Eclipse Phase Fate Conversion Guide. This is right after the What's up with Posthuman & Eclipse Phase? so after our seminar you can head right to the booth to learn more from Ryan!

Dancing (& Drinking & Dragons)

On Friday night at Sky Bar Live, Boyle will be DJing as part of the Dark Rave 3 / Gen Con Afterparty festivities. It's logical that the other Posthumans will also be out there that night!

Not going to Gen Con?

Please follow us at @ps_pub on Twitter for news from the convention. We'll try to check in on other social media, but Twitter will be the most active!