Million Year Echo: Print, PDF, and Scott Fox Soundtrack!

Posthuman Studios is proud to announce we have reached a multi-year agreement with industrial artist Scott Fox (also known as iVardensphere), to create an ongoing Eclipse Phase soundtrack in conjunction with new Eclipse Phase releases!

The first two Eclipse Phase tracks from Fox tie in with the just-released Million Year Echo, and are titled Qurain and The Blind Iman.

Echoing what Qurain once stood for and embracing what it has become, this piece offers hints of middle-eastern flavor but is sparse, disjointed and broken.

The Blind Iman
Seeded in something disturbing this piece conjures uncomfortable, confusing and sometimes abrasive themes to embody a perversion of electronic warfare.

Million Year Echo, one of the stretch goals from the Transhuman Kickstarter, is now available to the public in Print-on-Demand and PDF!

Million Year Echo is an adventure for Eclipse Phase:

  • Venture into the TITAN Quarantine Zone on the trail of a scientist with a dangerous secret.
  • Locations: Explore the ruined Mars colony of Qurain, as well as a derelict airship.
  • Threats: Face new and deadly Zone denizens along with exotic digital hazards.
  • Campaign Play: Combine with Zone Stalkers sourcebook for extended play.
  • One-shot Play: Includes characters and alternate Firewall plotline for one-shots.

Million Year Echo is a 27-page adventure presented via Print-on-Demand and as a layered PDF with hyperlinks.